CUMSLOPPY STORY || All Before Lunch – Part 2

“Take those off” he said, pointing to the shorts I still had on. I pulled them off and got back on my knees, and was once again greeted by his hand pushing me down. He held on longer this time- i gurgled and choked for what seemed like forever until he pulled me off and said “You like that dick, bitch?” I smiled from ear to ear and said “Yes, sir” and before I was done talking he slapped me so hard I fell over.

“Good, now follow me.” We went into the bathroom and he put me in the tub. I knelt down and immediately felt a hot stream of piss shoot onto my face. I opened up and swallowed what I could, while he sprayed like a wild man, soaking me completely in his piss. When he was done, he pulled me up and grabbed my ass. “I want some of this now” he said and pulled me by the arm through the house to a bed, still dripping with his piss.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || All Before Lunch - Part 2

He had me lay on my stomach and without hesitation pushed his whole thick dick into my ass. I felt my ass cheeks spread apart, making way for his dick, while one of his hands covered my mouth and the other alternated between tugging my nipples and jerking my cock.

I’m not sure how long it went on but he eventually started making me beg for his dick. “Tell me what a bitch you are, beg for this dick in your hole.”

“Please! Please shove it back up my ass, I need your dick in me” I said inbetween moans. He laughed and kept pumping for a few minutes before he grabbed on tight and rolled over onto his back, dick still firmly up my ass. I got the hint and started working up and down on his dick while he laid back. As I was riding him, my cock (now throbbing) was rubbing into his furry stomach, feeling quite nice. He took notice of this and wrapped his hands around my dick. Each time I slipped up and down on his dick, mine would move in and out of his tight hands. I started moaning louder and louder until I finally felt my load shoot out. A few strands of cum landed on his furry chest while the rest hit a pillow. My eyes were closed now, and I was panting heavily. When I opened them again I realized he was now rocking me up and down, fucking me harder and deeper.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || All Before Lunch - Part 2

He flipped me onto my stomach and started fucking me again. He got down on me, the full weight of his body pressing into mine, and slammed up and down into my ass. I could hear him breathing much heavier as his pace kept going up.

“I’m gonna cum boy” he whispered into my ear, fucking me so hard I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan everytime his balls reached the back of my ass. “You want this cum?”

“Yes sir, please, give it to me” he laughed and pushed his dick in deep- so deep and hard there’s probably a me-shaped outline in his bed.

“Tell me where you want it slut, where do you want this cum?”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || All Before Lunch - Part 2

“Up my ass! Shoot your load up my ass, please sir!” I nearly shouted as he pushed his cock into my ass one final time and starting blowing his load. His hands held my head down, pushing into a pillow, while he shook and moaned with each burst of cum he shot into me. When his balls were empty, he collapsed down on top of me, dick still in my ass with his load, and just laid there for a while, running his hands up and down my body, until his dick was soft enough that it came out of my hole on his own.

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  1. FUK!!! There’s GOT 2 a 3rd part!!!!! I SOOOO want more of this BUTCH, THICK-CHUBBED, hardcore, INTENSE daddy training his boi-slut 2 CRAVE his HUGE cock, INTENSE, ‘crude’ man-handling & HOT, ‘filthy’ use & abuse w/ LOTS more gagging, choking, FORCE-feeding, ass breeding & SEEDING, erotic, arousing, ‘dirty’-talk, ‘kinky’ THRILLS & absolute ‘domination’…. Something about his manner, self-ASS-U-red, cocky determination 2 TAKE what he wants & keep his cum-adDICKted, slutty boi BEGGING 4 more that really turns me on!!!!

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