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I was just in Palm Springs doing a shoot. You horny fuckers probably think that dicks are pounding asses all over the place when all of us men get together for a shoot. On set and off. Well, I have to tell you. In all honesty… without crushing your fantasies… or disappointing you…. it’s true.

There’s a kind of sexual undertone present when we all get together. Whether we’ve met before or are meeting for the first time, when we get together, we’re all horned up and totally DTF! Treasure Island has a habit of picking the horniest guys for their shoots. My dick is usually always hard at these shoots, so I guess I have to respect the boner and give him some attention. Respect the DICK!

So, at this recent shoot, I shared a room with a suuuuper horny little fella. The moment I saw him, I wanted my dick in his butt. We started talking and I was thinking to myself how innocent this guy looked. The more we talked, I realized how completely nasty and piggy he really is. Not only does he like getting his ass pounded 24/7, but he likes things on the kinky side. He would be happy if I tied him up with the sheets off the bed and took total advantage of him. Nothing would make me happier!

I had a scene to shoot, so I saved my load for that. It took all I could do to keep from jumping on top of him and molesting the fuck out of him, but I decided to wait.

After my shoot, it was his turn to film a scene. I sat off to the side and watched him get his ass and throat raped. It just made me want him more!

Some of the group went off to get dinner and he stayed behind with a couple other guys and totally got another couple loads in his “innocent” little ass. What a pig.


The next day, a few of us headed out to see some sights. We took the tram to the top of the mountains in Palm Springs and while hiking on the top, the three of us, including the piggy little boy, decided to have a little fun. We were taking turns climbing big rocks and flashing our junk to the woods and taking pics with our cameras. There was even a little fun inside of an old burned out evergreen tree. While the other 2 guys sucked each other, I snapped some photos. Then, I went over and got the kid to suck my cock and the other guy took video. It was so hot. All the while, there were families and kids having fun all up and down the trails. A little naughty fun never hurt no one.

It was time for the big scene. This was a gang bang. Focusing on the clearly not-so-innocent horny little power bottom boy, we took turns forcing our cocks down his throat and pissing in his mouth and taking turns pounding his ass. We finished up… watch the video when it comes out… and went back to the hotel.


Somewhere along the way, I got stoned and drunk, and I guess this turned my hot little hotel roommate on, because he was all over me like glaze on a donut. He said to me, “you’ve got me so horny!” What a fucking treat! I passed out. Ugh! He tried, though. He woke me up a few times and told me he was horned up. As bad as I wanted to take advantage of his sweet ass, I was in no shape.

BG0igt-CEAAyvApThe next morning, however…

I woke up and turned to find him snuggled up next to me. He must’ve really wanted him some Drew! I reached down to feel his half hard cock and woke him up with a few kisses. As I squeezed his nipples, he let out some “come fuck me” moans. My mouth found its way to his ear. He really started squirming and moaning louder. I was definitely about to get me some morning ass!

After waking up a bit by making out, he remembered that he had a scene to shoot. He checked on his call time and realized that he had to be there in a half hour. It was time to clean up and get himself prepared for his scene. I sat there watching him get ready and stroked my morning wood. He was obviously eager for my cock to help open him up, so I flipped him around and pushed him down onto the bed and fucked a huge morning load into his ass! After all, he needed a little extra lubrication for his scene. Hehee!


My morning started off with a bang. How do you like to start YOUR day?

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