Chronicles of a London CumPig || The Return

Hey, guys.

Hope you had a great week. Mine was surprisingly busy for being on holiday.

An all in all, it was a productive and relaxing holiday. I did the following: read 2 books, painted a little painting, visited an orphanage, wrote a book, drew up some plans for a three bed villa (based on an existing concrete skeleton), made a 3D model of  said house, relaxed by the beach, swam in the sea, ate loads of souvlakis and crepes with Nutella & banana, swam in the pool, watched Dino clean the pool and eradicate a wasp nest.

Took a ballet class, helped rehearse and teach some pas de deux classes with some Serbian/Greek dancers, watched the people go by on the grand place, drank lots of iced tea with lemon and mango, argued with Dino, looked at plots of lands for sale and rent, looked at Dino’s mum’s other plots of land for sale, watched tourists go by, played with the dogs, watched bats drink from the pool at night, got eaten by mosquitos, saved numerous wasps and caterpillars from drowning in the pool, etc., etc. It was a really fun holiday, but now it’s back in civilisation…

…And what hits me first? Hayfever. Or I guess it should be called “pollution fever.” Nose won’t stop running, oh dear.

Anyhow, I wanted to tell you briefly about the emotional visit to the orphanage. Firstly Dino refused to come with me to translate–he thought it would be too sad. So I had to enlist his lovely mother, who, after a lot of complaining, finally agreed to take me there (Dino sat in the car outside waiting).

We knocked on the door and the matron of the orphanage came to open it. She was a lovely talkative lady who happily chatted away with Dino’s mum. None of the staff spoke any English but it was alright. They told us that the government didn’t give them any money and that they  had to rely solely on donations and the revenue from some small apartments they rented out in Athens. The crazy thing, though, was that it was all taxed by the government. WTF? I couldn’t believe it.

The building was old and grand but very well looked after, all nice and clean. Most of the children were either at school or mid-day sleeping. There were 24 in total, although the nurse said they only really had room for 20. They showed us around and we said hi to some girls who looked about 15-16.

It was such a positive experience altogether, that both me and Dino’s mum were shining with joy when we got out. We were greeted by an equally happy Dino, who proudly announced: “There’s free WiFi here!”

The time away was very good for me to reflect upon things, I think. Two weeks without sex–wow, unheard of in the life of Anton Dickson, lol.

Oh also, I had just met a very special boy before going away to Greece, so I needed the extra time to process that too. We’ll see how things goes.

Have an awesome week and see you all soon.



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    1. Hey, yeah alright, apart from the usual minor stuff as always lol, but than again we are not “together” hehe, he just annoys me a lot sometimes hehe but I’m sure I annoy him in equal portions lol
      Hugs a

  1. You lost me at the Soylent Nutella. Still, glad you are having a good holiday. Cheers!

      1. I should go buy a jar of Nutella and try it. Here in Texas, we simply put salsa on everything.

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