CUMSLOPPY STORY || Mass Loadings

Okay, ever since last week (see my last post – Anon Steamworks Cumdump), I’ve been addicted. I hit Folsom Gulch on Wednesday night for the after-work crowd and within 3 hours had 12 loads in me (beating my record of 10 from the last story). I thought I’d be satisfied until Saturday’s Cumunion party, but I was wrong.

Last night I hit gulch again. Apparently on Fridays, the crowd doesn’t really pick up until 9 or so. I still managed to get about 4 or 5 loads in my hole, but it took some time. Nothing remarkable, except for one guy who kept going back and forth between my ass and another really stretched-out cunt. Loved the idea of having his assjuice in my hole, and of course sharing the loads we’d both taken.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Mass Loadings

About 9:00 I left to hit the bars, and found out that a local bar, Truck, opened its back room for their first time for the NSFW party. Not expecting it to be much, I was very mistaken. About 11:30 I headed into the small back room (was formerly the kitchen) and it was packed, and pitch dark. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down a little bit and within 60 seconds had a guy feel my wet hole, grab me by the hips and jammed his big raw cock in my hole. He fucked me for a good 5 minutes, not sure if he ever came or not but when he pulled out, he was quickly replaced by another big raw cock. I was suddenly even more in love with this place!

After the 2nd guy finished (I’m pretty sure he came in me), I moved even further back into the dark, dropped my shorts, leaned up against the wall and waited. There were a couple other bottoms getting plowed so I waited patiently. Eventually the lights came on – which was unfortunate but they were just dim red lights. It still had a pervy feel but I really liked not being able to see. Oh well.

The latino bottom next to me finally sat down after getting plowed and pushed my head down onto his big cock. The fucker that had just been inside him moved over to my hole and slid on it. He wasn’t fully hard but had a decent sized cock that still felt good. May have been whiskey-dick. I don’t think he ever came but we’ll never know for sure! Latino was loving what he saw and started encouraging guys to breed me. I appreciated the help – and after I told him how many loads I had already, he started numbering them off for the next guys. “Who wants to be number 7?” he said.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Mass Loadings

A burly bear of a man moved in after him and slid in with one easy thrust. Meanwhile, a very sexy young guy (25ish) sat down on the bench and moved his cock under my face, and started violently fucking my throat. The convulsions from me choking kept pushing the bear out of my hole, but he was adamant and finally bred my hole. I quickly turned around and sat on young-guy’s cock while bear came around and let me suck the cum off of his cock. All of those loads tasted great.

Young guy bucked as I worked my hole around his cock, and in no time at all shot DEEP in me, moaning and grunting in my ear. I stood up and felt my hole, happy at how loose and sloppy it was. Just as I was feeling my ass, a tall guy with a big cock moved in behind me and slid in. He fucked me really aggressively, pounding my prostate just right until he grabbed me tight and moaned loud that he was cumming. Bear apparently liked what he saw and was ready to go again – and didn’t take long (surprisingly, after he’d already cum 1 or more times) to fill me with another hot load. Turns out that young guy wanted one last turn and did the same thing.

It turns out it was 2:00 and someone came back to turn the regular lights on. Men scattered like cockroaches and I pulled my pants up, finally getting a good look at the men who had just used me like the hole I am.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Mass Loadings

Outside on the sidewalk, I talked to twink and bear for a while – turns out they’re friends and came together. “Would you be interested in being the object of a private party?” Umm… YES. That goes without question.

Twink had his hand down the back of my shorts playing with my wet, used hole and eventually pulled his cock out and slid into me again. I have to admit, it was hot to be getting fucked right there on the sidewalk, but my cab showed up and we had to call it quits.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. Good story. Never had as many loads as that in one session. My record, so far, is three. Here’s hoping !

  2. wow this is some hot story, still neg, and never been fucked bare with multiple loads, would love to be breeded by a group of guys like that

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