CUMSLOPPY STORY || Working Hard For His Money

Tim is 21 and had done work for me and the 1st day ended up with his hint of getting his cock sucked if I was willing to add a bit more cash to his pay. I agreed, and sucked an amazing amount of sperm out of him. He told me when he left he’d come back for more.

Yesterday was that day. When Tim drove up, I had already decided that I was the one getting some ass. He hopped out of his Jeep wearing a tank top, cut off denim shorts and work boots. When we got inside I wasted no time. I slammed him up against the wall and shoved my tongue down his throat. After several minutes of swapping spit, my cock needed some blonde boy mouth on it. I put my hands on his shoulders, pushing him to his knees. On his way down, I grabbed the bottom of that tank top and pulled it off over his head revealing a smooth, ripped body.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Working Hard For His Money

I glanced down he looked up at me. Those green eyes made my cock throb to an aching hard on in my cut off sweats. Telling him to haul out my cock was all it took to get him started. Soon Timmy’s mouth was stuffed full of my big cock. The boy knows how to suck dick. I said “Look up at me.” When he did, it took everything in me not to shoot my wad down his gullet. I wiped the tear off his cheek and then pinned his head to the wall and preceded to skull fuck him goofy. Looking down, I saw the kid had his cock out of his shorts and in his hand. It was rock hard, curving to the left and leaking strings of pre-cum onto the floor. I pulled my cock out of his throat, smeared his beautiful boy face with my dick slime and pulled him to his feet, leaving his shorts at his ankles.

I kissed him to see how my dick tasted on his tongue. Knowing if I went back down his gullet, I would soon be feeding him my load and he is just too hot to not get in that ass. I lead him into my TV room, popped in some hard core bareback porn, and dropped my shorts. Standing there in nothing but my socks, I just stared at the kid. I guess he knew what was about to happen next as he kicked off his boots and said “Go easy on me, huh? You got a big cock, man.” I walked up, put his chin in my hand and slid my tongue down his throat. Then I spun him around and bent him over the couch so he was facing the porn.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Working Hard For His Money

Dropping to my knees behind him, I spread his hot ass cheeks and shoved my face and tongue in his ass trench and boy hole. Sweat and ass juices oozed out of the kid and soon my stubble was wet with it. I sucked on his balls, reached under and stroked his curved dick. In no time he was moaning, begging and wagging that hot butt back on my tongue. I leaned back, hocked up a big wad of spit and splatted his pink pucker with it. Cramming 2 fingers inside his hole to loosen him up made him groan louder. I stood up, told him to reach back, grab my cock and guide my dick inside him. He did as he was told.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Working Hard For His Money

Soon my cock head was pushing against that boy’s ass ring until it popped in making him jerk, cuss and then squeal. He attempted to wiggle off me, but it must have felt too good because soon Timmy was bucking back on me. I pounded his sweet ass for a good half hour until I couldn’t hold my wad anymore. I grunted as I pushed in balls deep and started to dump cum. Tim groaned, saying he could feel my hot cum in his guts. Then he stiffened up and proceeded to shoot his wad on the cushions of my couch. I continued to fuck him hard and deep, making sure my seed was well planted.

Courtesy of our TIMFan Rob.

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