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outlaws1A few weeks ago I released a bareback video called OUTLAWS. I shot most of it in London, and the rest in Berlin, but if I made the same video in Los Angeles I’d be breaking the law. Why? Because OUTLAWS features a lot of cocks fucking a lot of raw arses, and in L.A., that’s no longer allowed. The USA may be “the land of the free”, but not if your idea of freedom includes filming guys shooting thick white loads deep into each others’ butt-holes.

In 2012 Los Angeles County passed a new law requiring all men in porn to wear condoms during fucking. If you ignore the law and make a bareback video, they can hit you with a fine of $1000 dollars and up to 6 months in jail. It’s a pretty harsh penalty for filming the kind of man-fuck that’s happening every day behind closed doors (or up against the door, if it’s a small room).

Then in February, the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) filed a complaint against Treasure Island Media – the studio that releases my videos. We ended up in court defending ourselves against Cal OSHA (California’s department of occupational health and safety). Apparently we were putting our employees’ health at risk by filming them having “unsafe” sex. Eleven of our porn videos were cited as evidence, including three of my London videos that were filmed 5000 miles outside of Cal OSHA’s jurisdiction: SLAMMED , FULL TILT, and IN THE FLESH.

Five-way Fuck 5

When porn is on trial, surreal courtroom adventures ensue. During our hearing the entire court were forced to watch our movie, THE 1000 LOAD FUCK, from start to finish. This particular video was probably chosen for a scene involving a large glass jar full of real human semen. Ian Jay rolls onto his back, holds his ass open and the whole jar is poured directly into his gaping hole. He then has probably the most lubricated asshole in the history of porn, and makes the most of it by getting gang-fucked while he’s still full to the brim. The scene is hot to watch, but what is achieved by screening it in a sunny court-room with a judge and lawyers present?

All these legal wranglings cost tax-payer dollars, and you might think California’s health and safety department would have more important things to do. You’d be right. California currently has the worst rate of worker deaths of any state in the USA, and not a single one of them happened on a bareback porn shoot. Every year 6,500 people die in California from chemical exposure in the work place, not to mention all the other ways Californians are dying at work – crushed, burned or sliced in half in preventable industrial accidents. This is what Cal OSHA should be spending their time and money addressing, but instead they’re getting paid to watch our guys loading up each others’ man-cunts. Not exactly life-saving work.


While this was happening stateside, I was in London filming gang bangs for OUTLAWS. But the UK isn’t a haven of pornographic freedom either. We have a different set of problems, with the Obscene Publications Act and the new 2008 laws governing “Extreme Pornography”. They forbid anything that could “deprave or corrupt”. Apparently that includes S&M, piss play and fisting, and it doesn’t just apply to professional porn studios. If your phone or home computer contains a video of you pissing on your boyfriend or fisting your fuckbuddy, then you are a criminal according to British law. A person found guilty of possessing such “extreme” videos or pictures could face a jail sentence and find themselves on the Sex Offenders Register.

Given that UK legislators are so keen to protect us from depravity, I’m surprised that the British censors have allowed OUTLAWS to be released without cuts. The video contains a scene where two wired young guys are fucked pretty brutally by three bigger older tops. In one part, Josh Taylor is pinned underneath Lito Cruz, who is twice his size. Lito fucks Josh hard and fast, and at the same time he smacks Josh across the face and holds him down by the throat with both hands. The British Board of Film Classification passed this scene without cuts. But if Lito had done something harmless like pissing into Josh’s face, the scene would not only have to be removed, but it would be a potential crime for me to even have the footage in my possession. This muddled and prudish logic typifies the difficulties of legislating sexuality and pornography.

Five-way Fuck 9

So I called the new video OUTLAWS. I figured if Los Angeles County want to paint us as criminals, then we’ll embrace it and be bad-ass lawless motherfuckers. In fact, the word “outlaw” doesn’t simply mean “criminal”. Historically, if you were “outlawed” that meant you had committed an act so dreadful that you were placed “outside the protection of the law”. Anybody who wanted to rob, assault or murder you could do so, and the law would not intervene to defend you. If you were sufficiently unpopular, being “outlawed” was effectively a death sentence.

But there are some aspects of life in which we don’t necessarily want the law to intervene to protect us. When it comes to fucking bareback, the guys in my videos are quite happy doing what they’re doing without legislators stepping in to stop them from spunking in each others’ butts. Not everybody wants to be saved from themselves. These guys prefer their sex lives to be outside the law, and that’s why I call them OUTLAWS.


  1. The Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is simply a fascist organisation that actively engages in and supports discrimination of the worst lind, that of gays against gays. Compared to them, the Russian anti gay laws are innocent.
    Luckily Europe is (still) more liberal.

  2. With so much “legit” crimes out there, this is absurd and a money waster. So it’s OK to run California almost into bankruptcy, have a very high unemployment rate and on and on but waste needed dollars persecuting an off the beaten path porn company? Well then they need to go after straight titty bars, strip clubs where drugs and prostitution are common place – but wait all the prosecutors, judges, morality police are there hanging out!

  3. This is crazy. Why cant you have fun and do what you like no matter what location you are. They got all these stupid laws when they should have something better to do in their time like stop all these hate crimes, gang related murders, or racial conflicts. But they want to interfere in some porn thats not harming anyone. These guys are over 18 and what they choose to do with their bodies is no one concern.

  4. It is whack! The criminalization of bareback sex……for what? Because so many people are dying out there and we must protect them. What is next on the list to criminalize???

  5. Well said Liam , equality though visibility , it’s a fucked up world when it comes to the law. The law is an ass and the ass needs fucking and showing just who is boss

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