Everybody likes dick. I think some people are more adventurous than others, but for the most part, we all know what dicks are for and what we like to do with them. Whether you want a dick in your hand, in your mouth or in your ass, you have to admit that very few dicks will be rejected in your world.

Have you ever sat down in a bathroom stall with a glory hole? The excitement of seeing a big slab of meat poking through a hole is the stuff of fantasies. I started with glory holes and under the stall bathroom sex when I was 15. I may have been younger than that, but my libido was in full male force by the time I was 15. Back then, there were hot guys who would pop in to pop off and be on their way. The internet wasn’t really a time suck for those looking for quick sex. It was a different time. I remember one particular bathroom in the mall where the bathroom sex traffic had gotten so out of hand, the management removed the doors from the stalls. That wasn’t a bad thing. You could take a quick glance at the prospects and either make your move or move on.


That wasn’t the only place I would have fun encounters. There was also a bathroom at the local college stadium. This was a bone-afied glory hole. The bathroom was open when class was in session, but not during a game. During the day was the best time to go. It was out of the way enough that pretty much the only people who would go there were those looking for trouble. The trade varied from college guys to business men from downtown to random men who had heard stories in town. I heard about the place from a guy who had a fat cock and loved to stick it through the hole.


I also love stealing a glance of a cock that’s pissing at the urinal next to me. Give me a long wall of urinals with no partitions between, and I’m pissing for an extra long time. Part peeking and part showing off. I always stand back a little just to let people see better. I can’t tell you how many times this has turned into filthy fun. Heheee!

I love dick! Any shape, form or fashion!

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  1. Good pics and interesting and good story. I go regulary glory hole places; couple times a week.

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