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I have been living in London for 2 weeks now. My behaviour has actually surprised me quite a lot as I don’t seem to have thrown myself face first into the melting pot of endless chem fuck parties that I have learnt to associate with this collection of London post codes.

“Fancy another G&T old chap?”

“Hmmm, don’t mind if I do?”

Yes, much to the amazement of those who know me already in Kennington, an area of Lambeth that I have come to know as Fisting Central, I have been very restrained and, dare I say it, behaving almost responsibly. I attribute this in equal measure to the HusPig, who works very hard to moderate my recklessness and to my new job at the TIM London office. Who would have thought that a full time job for my favourite porn company would serve to straighten me out somewhat.

After 2 weeks however, I found myself stopping off at a small group. Just to call in and say hello I might add (You will learn quickly that I am very good at deluding myself!). Within a short while there were 5 of us fucking and playing pretty damn hard. After a couple of hours of flip flop arse play and raw action we were all reaching the point where we were finding it hard to see each other from the sweat that was running into our eyes. The host came up with a genius plan!

Slammed, Treasure Island Media

“Lets get dressed and head out into the park across the way to cool down”

After some cautious glances around the room we all grinned and unanimously decided that it was a plan. Dressed in some very light sportswear and trainers we all headed out the flat like a chem fucked version of The Famous 5 and wandered across to a local kids play park.

There was lots of really cool looking play equipment dotted about and I couldn’t help but think to myself that it had partly been designed for fucking on by adults.


What really caught my eye was a large, circular, hammock type swing. More than enough space for a top to lie down whilst a greedy cum hungry bottom like me rode the fuck out of him! Much to my amusement my playmates had exactly the same idea and the swing was being used just how I had envisaged. It seemed so surreal and bad to be doing this, in plain view of several surrounding tower blocks but something more primal was egging us all on. Fucking outdoors, wherever you are, is horny for 2 main reasons.

1) The feel of the elements, breezes of wind, the sound of traffic and birds etc. is something we don’t normally experience in a fuck club, play room or the bedroom.

2) The risk of getting caught. The thrill of somebody secretly watching you. The fear of what would happen if somebody else came along. That feeling is exhilarating!

Before I knew it I had stripped off to just my little pair of shorts and was straddling one of the guys on the big swing. The feeling of his very swollen cock, which was wet and glistening with the arse juice of the guy who had just jumped off him, sliding up my hole whilst I balanced over him, holding onto the rope supports, was awesome! Couple this with the thoughts of being caught and I was literally shaking as I bounced up and down. We were being pretty noisy too and one of the others was filming us with an iPhone: The white camera light illuminating us fucking like animals, drawing even more attention to us. I rode his cock for a good 10 minutes before we heard a siren in the distance. The sound broke the spell and within seconds we were all scrabbling back to the apartment block, half dressed and grinning like school kids.

Slammed, Treasure Island Media

The party continued for several hours after, but the swing fuck was the highlight. It was something that will make me grin for some time to come. 

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  1. Thank YOU, Bruce. It is very good. A am also following your Tumblr. It is very horny. Keep up the good work ! Best wishes.

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