Dog is one hungry pup, ready to be tied to a post and used at will. Standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, Dog loves to be dominated and his claim to fame is simply this; “My hole can be stretched far, wide and deep.”

Dog recently wrote to us because he felt he was ready to serve up his hole to our pound of willing tops. Think he’s up for it? Think he’s right to be one of Morris’ Men?

The proceeding is from his application, enjoy it, then tell us in the comments below whether you think he has what it takes to join us. 

DOG’S Application. –

  • [cock size] => 6″
  • [cut/uncut] => Cut
  • [height] => 5’9″
  • [weight] => 160 lbs.
  • [hair] => Blonde
  • [eye] => Blue
  • [bodytype] => Athletic
  • [ethnic] => White
  • [recdrug] => None
  • [fucking] => Bottom
  • [sucking] => Bottom
  • [piss play] => Bottom
  • [nipple play] => Bottom
  • [felching] => Bottom
  • [fist fucking] => Double Bottom
  • [rimming] => Bottom
  • [S&M] => Bottom
  • [turn ons] => Older Dom Tops
  • [turn offs] => Too Much Hair
  • [fantasy] => Getting triple fisted
  • [sexual talent] => My hole can be stretched far, wide and deep


Should DOG Be Our Next TIMWhore? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Think you have what it takes to be on of Paul Morris’ Men? Fill out an application here.

  1. God have Mercy on his soul. It’s not too late to repent your sinful ways and accept the Baby Jesus into your heart

  2. Dog’s profile sounds amazing. Hire him immediately and start shooting ASAP. Let him submit to Mr. Brad McGuire— then by a group of men. Intense sling play in a room with hundreds of viewers — like in a bar, bar patio or roof top party in NYC. Hang him out of window so public see his expressions of lust not knowing behind in the room is 20 men in line to plow.

  3. i would love to watch him get used abused filled and fisted and fucked, what a great gang bang pussy he would make woof

  4. he looks so adorable! I would love to see him submitting to one of your best boys…like Brad McGuire for instance?…

  5. His sexual preferences, stats, and photos make him eminently suitable for the job. It would be very horny to see him being triple fisted.

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