CUMSLOPPY STORY || Border Patrol

Many years ago I worked for a British bank in Lima, Peru. I had an American girlfriend, Susan, who worked for a US airline. We were invited to a wedding in a small village, just outside the city. We drove there in Susie’s beaten up old Buick and found the village without any problems. The party was great, the people were very friendly, and we had a great time, although we had a bit to drink and had been smoking pot. We took our leave of our hosts and started driving back into Lima, unfortunately getting hopelessly lost. We ended up on the perimeter road of a military airfield and were just turning the car around when an army jeep suddenly appeared.

A young captain, a sergeant, and two soldiers got out, covering us with a variety of weapons. The officer informed us that as we were in a restricted area, were breaking the curfew, and foreigners to boot. He would have to hand us over to the Internal Security Police. This terrified us both, as people who fell into their hands sometimes disappeared off the face of the earth.

Susan tried to threaten the soldiers with the ” I am a US citizen,” routine but it was no good, then she tried to sweet talk them into letting us go. The officer conferred with his men, and decided that as we didn’t appear to look like terrorists they would let us go, provided we co-operated completely with them. I was a bit concerned about the last part, and my fears became reality when the captain told us to strip. Susan started to protest, then got on with the task of taking her clothes off. I did the same and noticed that whilst the NCO and the two privates were staring at my girlfriend, the officer’s eyes were fixed firmly on me.

Once we were both standing on the road totally naked, the sergeant’s hands groped Susan, and he pushed her into the back of her Buick and got in after her. I tried to intervene but the officer pointed his gun at me and told me that we needed to go for a little walk.

We walked about fifty yards along the road, and then into a small wood. There was a small amount of light shining through the trees from the airfield security lighting. He pushed me against a tree and spent about five minutes groping my ass and cock. I had never had any sexual relations with another man, but I became so hot as his hands caressed me. After that he held my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees, I guessed what he wanted me to do and after unzipping his pants, I extracted a large, uncut, olive colored cock.

I had never sucked a cock before but knowing how I liked Susie sucking me, I took his hard weapon between my lips, caressed his balls, and got down to some serious cock sucking. After a time he started fucking my mouth, every time that the cock slid along the roof of my mouth it leaked a trail of pre-cum. Suddenly without any warning he came, shooting jet after jet of hot cum into my mouth, causing me to swallow as fast as I could.

He helped me up to my feet, and standing to the side and slightly to the back of me, proceeded to kiss the back of my neck while he jerked my erect cock off as the fingers of his other hand explored deep into my ass. I had never been so excited in all my life and the stroking only lasted a little while before I was shooting my load into the night. I noticed that he had regained his erection and I had a good idea what I was in for next.

I was bent over a half fallen tree, and felt a cool gel being applied to my ass especially round my rosebud. I knew that I was about to get fucked legless, and was terrified and ecstatic at the same time. I felt his cock push between the cheeks of my bum, and nestle up against my sphincter, then a gentle push and I was impaled up to the hilt. I felt his balls touching my ass cheeks before he started moving inside me, slowly at first, then faster and faster as his need took over. My mind was in turmoil; I was getting fucked by a man but was enjoying it as I had never enjoyed anything else. I started moving my ass back to meet his thrusts, and he seemed to fuck me forever, the two of us as one single fucking machine, working away in that hot, dark night.

After he eventually came deep in my bowels, I thought that would be the end, but no. He grabbed my re-erected cock and covered it with the same cool gel then took my place bent over the tree. I didn’t need any further instruction, just lunged forward plunging my cock into his ass, until I could go no deeper into him. I thrust into him, no thought of anything else other than our mutual pleasure. When at last my cock exploded deep in his ass, I knew that something fundamental had changed in my life, something that would always be with me. The officer realized that and gave me his phone number.

After that we walked back to the others. Susie was already getting dressed, although the soldiers wanted to keep her panties as a memento. They provided an escort for us, right back into the city. Afterwards Susan wanted to know what had happened to me, and why it took longer than her having to satisfy three soldiers. I told her that I did not want to speak about it, but she managed to get the fact that I had been fucked and had to suck cock. We both agreed that it was a lot better than falling into the hands of the dreaded

Security Police.

Oh by the way, I lasted two weeks before phoning my captain up.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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