CUMSLOPPY STORY || Hungry For Attention

I had just left my girlfriend at Oxford bus station and was heading for London. We’d had a great weekend, but it was going to be back to work on Monday and so on Sunday afternoon I caught the Dart to London.

The bus itself was pretty empty and I headed for the very back seat. In front of me to my right was the emergeny exit and to my left one seat in front of me was an ordinary looking black guy dressed in jeans and a t shirt. Nothing unusual in any way.

In front of him was a much more handsome looking guy – who I’d noticed on my way to the back of the bus. He was a very distinguished middle class guy dressed in casual attire – English brogues noticeable under his corduroy trousers and tweed jacket over a check shirt.

As the bus started – to my surprise – this handsome guy took out a copy of GAY TIMES and started reading it in full view. This fascinated me and I became obsessed with trying to draw his attention to my raging hard on in my jeans as I watched this guy openly display his sexuality.

I tried every trick I knew to get him to turn around – even openly rubbing my cock through my jeans, but he showed no interest. That couldn’t be said to be true of the black guy sitting directly behind him who’d also noticed this guy and was now fully watching my attempts to get near him.

The black guy motioned for me to sit next to him. I moved, unable to conceal my hardened cock sticking through my jeans. When I got to the black guy I saw his cock was already out and he was wanking. He had a beautiful cock – long and hard and gorged with veins – I just had to taste it. I moved over and took him into my mouth. His cock was delicious – with that distinctive man-taste you get from sitting around – an absolute aphrodisiac to me. I sucked for a while then settled next to him.

He worked on my cock now – raising it from its jeans and sucking it gently at first. Then his head became more forced as he sucked hard on my cock. My cock is of average length but can look very thick. He loved it.

I did now want to cum too quickly so I gently moved him from my cock. He reached for my head and forcibly kissed me hard. As our journey continued we kept on experimenting with each other – at one stage he had 3 fingers up my arse making me move rythmically as the bus went on its way. I loved this and was equally enthralled when he removed those fingers that were speckled with my shit and drove them all the way into my mouth. That was my first ever attempt at scat – a pleasure I have often enjoyed both solo and with other guys since then.

The guy sitting in front of us kept on looking into the bus window to see what was going on behind him – but never did he join us. As we arrived at the station in London’s Victoria I finally came into his mouth. This he shared with me while he shot his load all over the back of the seat in front of us. The bus stopped and we went on our way.

A completely true story which has made me hard by repeating.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 


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