CUMSLOPPY STORY || Three Dicks, One Hole

It had been a long afternoon and the day was winding down. My friend Kenny invited me to come and join him and some of his friends for an afternoon cookout at a nearby park. I had just moved to town a few months earlier and had met Kenny at work.

Since I didn’t know anyone yet, I decided to take him up on his offer and get to know some people around town.

When I got to the park, Kenny was there with three of his buddies. Everyone was drinking and having a great time.  All of them seemed like normal guy friends. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that I noticed the more they drank, the friendlier they were getting towards each other.

I shrugged it off at first, until I was walking back from the bathroom and I noticed that Kenny was rubbing on his friends dick and kissing the back of his neck.

Not sure exactly what I should do, one of the guys saw me before I could head the other way. He called me over to the back of the truck where they were all hanging out together. As I approached them, Kenny jumped down and came close to me.

“I am so glad you came, I have been watching you at work for a month and you are so fucking hot.”

Kenny reached down and started rubbing on my dick. Startled, I took a step back, and told him

“I don’t know about all this, I have never been, seen or thought about a guy like that…”

Kenny said to me as he rubbed my cock again, “Why don’t you just hang out for a bit and watch? See what you think, and if you like what you see, you stay – if not you can go…”

I told him that I would stay for a beer and sat down on the tailgate.

It didn’t take long for Kenny and his two friends to start kissing each other, and touching each other all over. Soon Kenny had his friend’s pants around his ankles and he was fondling his asshole. The other friend went down and started sucking his dick.

I can’t lie, the whole thing was pretty hot and I felt my dick growing right in my pants. I found it hard not to touch myself and as I got harder, I cared less and less about whether they knew I was into it or not.

Kenny saw my dick bulging from inside my pants and he came over and told me to relax as he undid my belt and pulled out my dick. The feeling of his hand on my cock gave me a weird but exciting sensation that I liked, and I relaxed and watched as he got on his knees and wrapped his mouth around my rock hard throbbing cock.

When I felt his tongue lick up and down my shaft, a loud moan came out of me – at this time, his friends came over and finished undressing me. One sucked on my nipples, while the other kissed all over my neck and soon his tongue was entering my mouth. Immediately my whole body was being taken over with pleasure, and it excited me even more that this feeling was with three other guys.

Kenny came up from my waist kissed me and then whispered in my ear ,”I want to fuck you”

I couldn’t say no, because I was so fucking horny – I wanted to get fucked by him, too. He bent me over the back of his truck and I felt his hard dick a

s he rubbed it on my asshole.

“Fuck me” I told him, “That feels so fucking good”

I felt Kenny slip inside of me and my ass got extremely wet and swallowed him. As, he pounded my virgin ass harder and harder, I heard his friends tell Kenny…”Don’t wear that ass out before we get a turn”

At this point, I didn’t care who was inside of me, as long as they were fucking me as good as Kenny was.

Kenny pulled out and next thing I knew he was kissing me and telling me how good I had felt and how he was glad I stayed to watch. Then I felt his friend penetrating my asshole. His dick was bigger and harder than Kenny’s – it still felt so amazing for my first time. I wanted more but I was starting to get sore. I let him continue to fuck me for a minute longer before telling him to let the last guy have his turn inside me.

The third dick was even bigger than the last two, but he turned me over on my back and raised my legs up in the air. Kenny and his other buddy each held a leg as the third went deeper and deeper into my hole. All of the sudden he hit my spot. Instantly I felt my cum shooting all over my chest and stomach, I had never cum so hard in my life.

It was amazing.

I opened my eyes after my huge orgasm; I found the three of them standing above me, jerking off in a circle, with their dicks aimed right at my face.

Seconds later I felt the first cum shot as it hit my cheek. The warm sensation of his juices did not bother me, and soon the second load was on my chin and throat.  Kenny told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. Soon he aimed his cock right for the inside of my mouth and exploded. I felt his cum as it ran down my throat and covered my lips. I couldn’t help but grab him and suck him dry.

I laid back to catch my breath, thinking about how much I enjoyed what just happened to me and how I wanted to make it happen again. Kenny quickly spoke up and told me that he wanted me to come spend the night so I could feel his ass wrapped around my dick.

I smiled knowing that our fun had just begun.


  1. PS, Trevor:
    I agree, 100%!!! Not sure how easy a gangbang is 4 a newbie–suspect MOST use meth to get horned up ENUF 2 handle the multiple studs’ HUGE cocks, repeated penetrations, leisurely rutting, even (IDEALY!!!???!!!) repeats, as the stamina w/out the mind-numbing/blowing drugs may (anyone? Please…personal stories/experiences, w/ & w/out drugs, praying that’s possible…??) be impossible. Butt, god I wanna try this!! & finally learn how 2 beCUM a cock-adDICKted cum-piggy, 1 day ready, able & porn-gift’d 2 BE a TIM btm-slut in 1 of their AWESOME, INTENSE vids, especially being bred-n-seeded by some of their HOTTEST, most gifted @ hardcore, horny breed-n-seed, cast of gangbanging Top-studs, taking turns seeding my ass!!!!
    Darkhog: U sound like a HOT, eXXXperienced gangbang pro–Top? btm? ver?–ur thoughts, insights, eXXXperience &/or more GREATLY appreciated!!!
    AJ: mmmmmm, bro, how do I get access 2 ur blog? How much, IF any of this, is based on real experience? & How much is UR fantasy? Top? btm? or vers?
    Anybody else wanna share, enlighten, coach, I have NO eXXXperience, butt dreaming about THIS 4 a LONG time & wanna LEARN until I’m as gifted/talened/capable as he many HOT, btm-sluts I’ve enjoyed watching live out MY dream!!!!

  2. Hey, HOT story!!! Tell AJ Hammer he KNOWS how 2 make me weak in the knees, horny 4 some HOT, BUTCH, horny Top-studs to seduce me & teach me how 2 take multipe cocks, especially when chosen to keep growing LARGER as each strethed my hole open 4 the next stud’s go!!!!
    My ONLY CUMplaint, when clicking on the link, takes me to a ‘malediaires’ site by Demon, that says it’s closed to new members, so NO way to access HIS blog!!! I’m already adDICKted 2 HIS HOT-horny, ‘raunchy’ brand of blogging…!!!
    Scott (skv7 at prodigy dot net)

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