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I love spontaneous sex. And I love unpredictable sex, with someone I never thought I’d get the chance to play with. In my mind, the only guys I don’t have my way with are straight, dead or have already been had by me. My buddy, Max Cameron‘s roommate, Ari, is “straight.” I’ve met his girlfriend. But ya know? That don’t mean a thing! He’s also 22 and we all know how horny the 22 year olds can be. This was one straight dude who, I would soon discover, wasn’t off limits.

My first clue that he danced on the line between straight and un-straight (lol!) was when I caught him stealing a glance at my cock in my shorts. I’m always wearing basketball shorts or soccer shorts without underwear. He didn’t see that I caught him looking. It was time to try a little experiment. I put on some very thin shorts and walked around so that my dick could flop around. He offered me some weed, so I went to his room and smoked a little with him. It was then that I saw him look again. Hehee. I was onto something.

Drew Sebastian, Treasure Island Media

One night, Max and I were sitting around watching movies, when his roommate came in and started talking. I just happened to be wearing some thin white soccer shorts and thought I would stand up and stretch. (hehee!) I couldn’t help it that I was getting a boner. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him looking at my swinging cock. I knew it was pretty much a done deal, so I sat back down and spread my legs, propping one foot up on the coffee table and let my cock hang down that side so that it was hovering down towards the seat. I pumped it a couple of times and watched him check it out. I took my hand and rubbed on it, pressing down while I grinded my hips into my hand. At the very least, I was turning myself on – like I need any help!¬†

I decided to cool it for a minute.

We were talking and joking and smoking on the bong. A little time passed and Ari got up and walked over to where we were sitting. His cock was hanging above my shoulder where I was sitting in the chair. I didn’t look. I just took my hand up and past my shoulder and grabbed his cock. It was hard! All this guy needed was a little push. He stayed there and let Max reach over and rub on his cock, too. Just then, he leaned down and rubbed on my cock. It was a cock fest!

He was definitely nervous, so I just took control and didn’t let his nerves ruin the moment. I stood up and turned toward him. By now, our cocks were free from our shorts. Max had his cock out and stroking. I didn’t go in for a kiss or anything, because this wasn’t a romantic moment. So, I went down and started to suck on his cock. He totally loved that. We all know that guys can suck dick better than some girlfriend. While I sucked his cock, he yanked on Max’s cock. I really wanted to fuck his virgin ass. We would have to work up to that. If this is really the boy’s first time, I know I would ruin him for anybody else.

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While I sucked his cock, Max got behind me and slipped his cock in my hole. He started fucking and rubbing on Ari’s chest. Ari was pumping his thick cock in and out of my mouth and Max was pounding my hole. (Who’s a good pig in a spit-roast!) I stood up and Ari grabbed my cock. I know he wants to put it in his mouth. I grabbed his head and guided him toward my cock. He was hesitant, but eager to try. As soon as he puts his mouth on my cock, I knew I was gonna blow a load! I held off, though.

We stood up and made a little circle with the three of us. I really wanted to taste Ari’s load! We were all jacking each other. Max went down to suck on Ari’s cock and Ari was mesmerized by my cock. I got down and started sucking Ari’s cock with Max. Pretty soon, Ari was moaning and getting into having two dudes on his cock. He said he was gonna cum. We stayed on his cock until he blew the biggest load all over Max’s face! I was able to catch a squirt in my mouth and then lick the rest off Max’s face. It was delicious!

We haven’t talked about that night since, but I have a feeling we will probably have a repeat. If so, I’ll let you all know!

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  1. In real life, fucking a straight guy out of the blue, you have a good chance to get shit on your dick! fantasy fantasy…

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