I have made plenty of sex tapes where the star of the movie is sperm. CUM WHORE is devoted to men who

live to take loads. They are driven by their obsession for the seed of other men and will do just about anything to satisfy their need.

CUM WHORE features both new faces and some veteran cum dump sluts back in front of the Treasure Island cameras.  ARCHER ADAMS, MARCUS ISAACS, JACOB LEE, SEAN PARKER, the return of one of the biggest cum whores we know SEAN STORM, and a captivating bareback debut from the always-controversial STEVEN DAIGLE.

I admit to being dubious when reality TV porn rodeo cowboy STEVEN DAIGLE contacted us to see if we were interested in doing something.  Skepticism quickly faded the second he arrived in New York and sent me a text message declaring himself a nasty pig and that he was up for any and all fluids I could get for him.  Convinced of his authenticity I gathered up the most notorious powerhouse breeding tops in my arsenal. – Max Sohl



  1. need to do another “Slammed” Vid and Do ALL Internal Cumshots… It really isn’t breeding if the fucker pulls out… let the tops cream the fucking bottoms guts! That’s real Seeding and Breeding. I don’t understand what’s sexy about seeing a guy pull out? makes no sense.

  2. Sean Storm comingback… Steven Daigle BB debut… Jack Allen finally looking handsome with short hair… this may be the porn event of the year (maybe of the decade?) Cannot wait to see this masterpiece!

  3. Ninjatop said it. I think after all those years, TIM should do something different.
    Another movie with just: Anal, Threesome & Gangbang. That’s it. Boring.
    Why is it so hard? We want more bottoms, more ass to other mouth, more felching. More things different from the other Bareback studios.

    1. That sounds like Julie Chen the host of Big Brother. Considering Daigle was on it it’s hilarious they used her in the clip!!

  4. Max Sohl’s best kept secret – how he snagged mainstream gay porn stars to TIM. Hail Jesus! Yeah!

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