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On Sunday, September 15th, TIM hosted our annual boat party around Manhattan. In tow for the festivities were Peto Coast and TIM exclusives Christian and Drew Sebastian. A few days later I caught up with Drew to talk a little about this and a little about that, and I came to realize that he’s one of the friendliest fuckers I’ve met.

Julian: How are you liking the City [New York] so far?

Drew: Oh, it’s great. Everyone thinks New Yorkers are so mean, but they’ve been the most helpful people; the weather has been perfect; everything has been great.

J: Awesome, I’m glad to hear it. So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about yourself, get some background. You have said that you’ve been escorting since you were 23 years old. How did you get into that?

D: Well, I was living in Houston at the time and dating this guy that I didn’t want to be dating anymore. I decided escorting was a good way to make a lot of money and a way to end the relationship with that guy, so I filled out an AOL profile and started on my way.

J: Okay, so you pretty much answered my second question. If I did my math correctly, you started escorting in the late ‘90s, before the internet really took off.

D: Yea, it certainly wasn’t as big a thing back then but it was around. Back then you would fill out an AOL profile and use certain keywords. For me I used “hung,” “gay,” “high class,” “Houston.” I was pretty successful.

drewsebastian104J: I’m sure you were! So, when did you first realize that you have a big cock?

D: I get asked that a lot, actually. When I was 8 years old I’d play around with this 6 year old neighbor kid. We’d do kid stuff, and he told me I had a big dick. For me I just thought it was because I was 8 years old and he was six. Then in middle school I had a girlfriend, and she made me measure my dick. When I was about 13 or 14 I started jacking off a lot and staring at guys a lot. I started looking out for, you know, horny situations. I would hang out at bathroom stalls and put my dick under the partition. I heard “that’s a big dick!” a lot.

J: We live in the “information age.” People don’t really go out to meet guys at bars anymore. How do you typically meet the guys you fuck on a day-to-day basis? Do you prefer the old cruising game or do you use the hookup apps and sites?

D: Oh, I definitely like to go out and meet people. I am not a grindr person or Web site person at all. I’m really turned off by the superficiality and the drugs. Sites really seem to be full of guys looking for the hottest guy online or looking for PNP or whatever. It’s much more fun for me to go out and find an interesting guy than to go online and lay a supermodel.

J: Where do you typically find these guys?

D: I mean, I’m pretty much always looking out. The usual places, I guess: the gym, coffee shops, once in an airport terminal. I go running a lot and I’ll stare at a guy and if I notice him looking back I’ll circle around to catch up. I’m pretty shameless. I love meeting guys.

J: What made you want to become a TIM exclusive?

D: There are lots of reasons, but the most immediate reason is that the people I know, the guys I like all watch TIM porn.

J: What types of guys are those?

D: The sexually free guys. Sexually open. I wanted to make porn for the people I like. I wanted to keep the reality of the sex I was having anyway.

J: What is a TIM shoot typically like?

D. Fun. It’s interesting. I hardly ever know who I’m going to fuck until I show up. Typically we’ll start before the camera even starts rolling. I love being watched. I love the camera there. I’ll always fuck a guy how I want to, but being conscious of the camera makes it that much hotter for me. I love showing off. You know, then I’ll breed the bottom. A lot of times we’ll exchange phone numbers and meet up again independent of any shooting, just for us.

J: What’s your favorite thing about being an Exclusive?

D: The attention. Absolutely. I’m such an attention whore. And I love being connected to a company known for real and raunchy sex.

J: You were just nominated for “best new porn star” at the Cycbersocket awards. How does that feel?

D: It feels great! It really was a total surprise. It might sound silly, but I’m really honored. Tickled even. It appeals back to that attention whore in me. It’s such a turn on to be recognized like that. Honestly, I kind of want to get it.

J: You’ve been in San Francisco for a little while now. How are you liking it?

D: Yea, I’ve been there nearly a year. I love it. It’s everything I hoped it would be. It’s everything I need it to be. I feel like I hit it at the right time. It’s not just a sexual thing, either. San Francisco really piques my other interests, especially food. It’s such a great food town, and I’ve always been a big food person.

J: What has been your favorite TIM scene to film?

D: Wow that’s hard. I would have to say the bunker scene in “Bad Seed.” We weren’t supposed to be there, so it was real guerilla fucking and shooting. I loved that dangerous feeling. We could have been caught at any moment by any passing hiker. It was a really sexually charged scene for me. More than usual.

Treasure Island Media, Drew Sebastian

J: Why bareback?

D: It’s a pretty common answer: it feels good and I hate condoms. I like the nastiness of it, of really feeling the inside of someone.

J: When did barebacking click for you? What was the catalyst that really made you say “all or nothing”?

D: That’s a difficult question to answer. If I had to put a timeline on it, I would say in the last 5 years. I’ve always liked barebacking, though, even back when “no one” was barebacking. I’d be fooling around with a guy and then stick it in raw and see what would happen, if he’d let me keep going or whatever. I think it really clicked for me once I left the south. I came out west, and I was suddenly around people who were like me and who let me know that it was okay to bareback.

J: What do you think of those trying to enforce condoms in porn?

D: First, I think it would be a very hard thing for them to try to do. Beyond that, though, it seems to me that they’re using HIV in porn as this false equivalence for safety. They’re completely blind to performers’ outside sex lives and seemingly ignoring all other safety measures used within the industry and by the individual performers. There are more effective ways of minimizing risk and taking care of yourself. I sympathize with the idea of protecting people, but what is going to end up happening is that they’re going to legislate a false sense of security.

J: What else should we know about you?

D: That’s a very broad question! Let’s see. I like Scotch whiskey. I don’t drink all that often so it’s really a treat for me when I get it.

I have an 18 year old dog. She’s a cocker retriever mix, so I call her my cock retriever because guys just go nuts for dogs.

I love cooking. I come from a southern family that was always cooking. My mom and I were cooking for each other a lot growing up. When I was growing up, my mom developed health problems. She had to change the way she ate, and I was right there with her. I developed a love of healthy food. As I got older, I got into more gourmet cooking. It’s really a goal of mine to bridge those two elements: gourmet and health.

I love movies.

I’m very approachable. I appreciate when people greet me. I don’t need a lengthy conversation, but that someone is confident enough to say “hello” is sexy.

I love to travel. Travelling was really the best education I ever had. Backtracking a little, I would travel a lot as an escort. I met some really nice guys that I’m still in contact with who took me to Europe. I owe a debt of gratitude to those guys for giving me that gift.

Drew really seems to be what TIM is all about: freedom. Obviously he’s a creative fucker with cock that won’t quit; he’s also got a free loving personality and a warm demeanor that just sucks you in. He’s all about that connection.

  1. I watched uber-masculine Drew fisting and was really impressed with the way he connected with his bottom boy. He was kind, considerate, sexy as hell, and………. real. One of the hottest parts of the video was when they kissed with Drew’s fist working that hole. I would love to feel that hot hand of his up my hole. I’m a small, smooth. muscular, blond guy with a real hungry hole from LA. If Drew is interested, I can be reached at manminded@aol.com. Jim

  2. I really wonder what caused that white spot on Drew´s balls? 🙂 Some hot background story?

  3. Drew is one of the nicest most genuine people that I have had the pleasure of meeting in the porn business. Very down to earth, approachable and of course sexy as hell! He’s one in a million!

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