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If I was to define myself based on my role and position then I would have to say I favour being a Bottom and am much more Sub. Stick me in a room with some decent dominant tops and I will, as a rule, automatically assume my position to service and be a good, responsive pig for them to use as hard as they wish. Many guys get dominance and submission mixed up with being a top or a bottom. This is a big mistake. Don’t you go thinking I don’t like to fuck the arse off a guy when the situation calls for it or the mood takes me: I am definitely more versatile than Bottom. But I top to please the other guy as opposed to pleasing myself. I guess it’s the Sub in me.

This is my default setting. Some guys role-play being sub, whilst some are just sub by nature. I have been informed on more than one occasion that I fall into the latter category. However, I’m certainly no pushover. I don’t just get on my knees for any fucker! He will have to press the right buttons for me to Sub for him. If a guy doesn’t show he can control me then he will be fighting a losing battle. If truth be told and I am sure I will get slated for this statement, it is pretty much always the sub who is ultimately in control in any Sub/Dom relationship or encounter.

Damaged Goods, Nick Morretti

If anything, being a natural, though obstinate sub exposes you to what makes a good top and what traits make a guy successfully dominant. I have tried to emulate this myself several times in the past as an experiment to see if I can flip roles.

To see if I can pull off being a Dom, by acting out the part.

To find out if it is just a set of rules in a game to follow or if we really do need to live out the roles because that’s who we are intrinsically.

Every time I attempt to be dominant, I become self-conscious and can’t take myself seriously. This results ultimately in failure on my part and I end up either giggling like an idiot or stopping the play because I don’t feel believable or comfortable. Every time until last Tuesday night that was!

One of the guys I was staying with in Fort Lauderdale has always assumed the dominant role when we play. He had not been fucked in several years and had been hinting for months that he wanted to see if he could take a cock again. That night we had been out to traditional blokey bar called Bills. For some reason, which escapes me, I had decided to go out in full skins gear: Bleachers, Grinders, Fred Perry and Braces. Back in the UK this is not viewed with as much political significance. However, I had not realised that the Gay Skins movement was not that big over in the states. Though I felt horny wearing the gear, the reactions I was getting off the other guys in the bar made me feel quite aggressive and dominant. As you can gather, this is not a feeling that I am accustomed to! When we left the bar and headed back to the resort with my enhanced sense of bravado I knew that tonight it was make or break for me to top my mate.  It was my prime opportunity to see if I could be dominant top!

Within minutes of entering the resort I ordered him down to the playroom in the basement and grabbed some poppers and extra bootlaces. He looked at me almost incredulously, but to my amazement he did as he was told.

Down in the playroom I pulled the fuck bench to underneath some hooks in the ceiling, which I assume were for a sling. I told him to strip off his clothes but leave on his boots and get on his back on the fuck bench. Once more, the incredulous look, yet again, he did as he was told. Once he was in position, looking up at me with both bewilderment and curiosity I moved to stand over him and whilst tying his boots up to the sling hooks above him I told him that he was going to get fucked. I told him I was going to go easy on him to start with but if he whined or looked like he wasn’t enjoying it then I would fuck him harder. If he wanted me to stop he only had to say stop.

You have no idea what a rush I got telling him this! My cock had never been so hard! Topping a top always turns me on, but being dominant at the same time was fucking awesome!

I poured some poppers onto a rag and put it on his hand. I told him he should use it, as it will loosen him up a bit.

Damaged Goods, Nick Morretti

And so, still in my full skins gear, I ate out his hole and made it both eager and nice and wet ready to take my cock. I stood up, reached over and grabbed a little Crisco and greased myself up. Then, staring sternly into his eyes I slowly but firmly pushed my way into his tight hole! His eyes flashed! It was obvious he had not been fucked for a very long time! I went in slowly, allowing him to grow accustomed to my cock and once I was all the way inside him I held it firm in place and stared down at him. I could sense his arse relaxing around my cock. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to feel me pulling out and pushing back inside him again! I had never topped like this before! It felt so empowering.

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I pulled back and could see traces of pain and pleasure ripple across his face. I reminded him of my warning and suggested he have another hit of poppers. I never wavered from the eye contact and slowly picked up pace, feeling his hole spasm with my strokes and seeing the waves of sensation animate his whole face. As I grew bolder I changed my angle, rhythm and depth and, though I was getting off on the connection and his reaction, I was getting more turned on by how his hole was making my cock feel and how arrogant and cocky I was feeling.

By now, some of the other guests had entered the playroom and were stood around watching and wanking with murmurs and nods of great approval. I could see that my mate was starting to look like he needed a break so I untied his feet and told him he could have 5 minutes. He had a grin like Cheshire cat on his face! Whether we stopped right there or carried on I felt I had accomplished something I never expected to have achieve. However, not a second over 5 minutes later I had him trussed back up and was once again pounding his hole.  I used him hard but fairly for about another hour: the sweat was pouring off us both and when I eventually emptied my nuts inside his hole, I think his ass had reached its limit. He had pissed all over himself and was shaking like an epileptic in a disco! But, he looked up at me while I untied his feet for the final time and whispered one word: Thank-you.


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