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Greetings cum whores and arse bandits. It’s been an surprise laden, controversial and eventful week for the Brit-PIG. We are busy in the London office getting the finishing touches and final edits done on Liams latest disc of deviancy: MAN-CUNT. I have sat at my desk with a hard-on for the last two months (and had to have a wank the odd time in the toilet!) due to seeing the scenes being edited on the screen next to me. Believe me, you guys are in for a treat!

So what have I been up to this week? Firstly, there have been some exciting developments with respect to my role. I seem to be evolving from just being Liams’ PA and general office bitch. I am now interviewing new models, of which I might add, are some seriously hot ones coming through the doors. But it doesn’t end there! Last week I shot my first solo as a cameraman for TIM under the watchful gaze of Liam. Sadly the guy needed a hand to cum so my debut role as a cameraman ended up turning into my debut role as an oral bottom as I got on my knees to help this stunning Greek hunk spray his load over my beard and down my throat. The HusPig certainly liked the smell in my beard when I arrived home!

Early this week, on a lunchtime bout of horniness I found myself round the corner from the office getting gang fucked for 45 minutes by a group of Black, South American and South Asian guys. It totally amazed me that I could just walk into a fuck party in the middle of the day and leave less than an hour later with a round the world menu of cum dribbling from my very happy pig hole.

The following morning, I was cruised on my way from the gym to the office, by a horny looking South Asian guy who was waiting to pull out in his car. I smiled back at him and carried on with my stroll. I noticed him drive past me, still staring and smiled to myself.

He was proper into me!

Machofucker, Ass Stretcher

200 yards up the road, low and behold, there was the same guy leaning up against the wall waiting for me to walk past! I had 6 minutes before I was due in the office so knew I couldn’t hook up now but would be good to swap details. As I approached I could see that he was packing some hefty looking meat! He was eying my padlock and chain and as he told me how wired he was and how he wanted to breed the fuck out of my white trash ass, my hole started to wink and spasm: I have always been a sucker for guys of a different ethnic background! I explained I had to work and we swapped numbers (though I wanted to swap DNA!).

For the remainder of the week I discovered that there was much more to this guy than first met the eye! Here are some examples of his texts so you get the general idea…


fulminating with the following shoot idea. I have to admit, when I read it my cock went hard in 5 seconds flat!


Now don’t get me wrong, I am possibly the least racist bloke you will ever know. I see us all as equal regardless of the small ways in which we differ *. But role play, especially that which explores historical juxtaposition excites me in a big way. Throw in a load of hung black tops and I’m positively popping veins with glee!

Am I going to meet this guy? FUCK YES!

Will I let him and his buddies treat me like the white trash cum whore that I know I am?


When it happens, will you lot be the first to hear about it! YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!

Whats even more exciting though is if you’re a handsome hung top of ethnic background other than Caucasian and would like to be part of the breeding party to use my hole for this scene then get in touch! Lets take this as an opportunity for a casting call. Either contact me or fill out a TIM online application mentioning Brit-PIG in it somewhere.

PastedGraphic-9On a final note. I was overwhelmed when Liam asked me to accompany him to Berlin next week to help out with casting and production. To top it off, Liam will be filming a live fuck show at Hustlaball Berlin between hot stud Matteo Valentine and myself. We had so much fun together at the Hardon 10th Birthday that Liam thought it was only logical to stick us back together and see just how depraved a large German crowd will get us. Until next week, happy shagging!

*Though small minded, right wing, homophobic religious fruit cakes should all be spiked with Tina and G, stripped naked and locked in a room together with a couple of litres of silicone lube to let them explore collectively just why they hold such negative feelings. 

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  1. Thanks Bruce….I watched the fuck in the park….must have been really exciting to be fucked like that in the city away from a room or a house.Great stuff.
    Would love to see more videos of the sort,especially look forward to the racial gangfuck with Indian/Paki/Arab/Black brutal tops mentioned in the article above.Hope it will materialize soon…… will be a ground breaking video because TIM has not yet produced a porn scene with south Asian top hunks breeding a white stud…..

  2. Hi, Bruce. You really tell great horny stories. You manage to get me hard every time.
    I can see the attraction of being used, and abused, by hot men of different ethnicity.
    Wish I had a job like yours ! I look forward to your next “entry”.

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