CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Time With A Guy

I had just missed my train and there was a two-hour wait until the next. The year was 1961 and I was in London at the Charring Cross station. Not wanting to spend the waiting hours on a drafty station, I wandered down the Strand towards Trafalgar Square, when I passed a news theater. These news theaters just showed cartoons and the news. (Remember, this was before TV.)

I entered the darkened auditorium and took a seat. There were not many people that I could see, and after about 10 minutes someone sat beside me, throwing his coat over the arm between our seats, and part of it fell across my leg. After a minute or two I felt a hand on my knee, and I was unsure just what was happening. The hand started to make small circles on my leg just above the knee. I had never had thoughts about men sex, but I felt a stirring in the bottom of my stomach. The hand slowly crept up my leg, and I could feel my penis begin to thicken and swell. It took him about 4 minutes to reach my fly, and by this time I was hard as a rock.

Gently the hand manipulated the buttons on my fly and I could not stop a gasp as it went straight in to grip my penis through my underpants. The hand swept aside the band of my pants and for the first time in my life a male hand gripped my penis and the warm air of the cinema caressed my groin. Gently stroking my prick, the man reached across the seat arm, took my right hand and put in his lap, where I found myself touching his rampant prick.

We both gently started stroking each other, and to my surprise I seemed to get harder and harder. Then I received the surprise of my life, for he leaned over and put his mouth to my prick, gently sucking while still stroking. Could I get any bigger, because I seemed to swell even more?

I felt the familiar feeling in my balls and started fucking his face. His sucking grew in strength so that when I finally shot my load, he sucked it all from me. What a feeling, one I had never felt in intensity before. His hand, which had been wanking me left my lap and reached behind my neck and gently pulled my head towards his lap and I found myself with a prick in my mouth for the first time.

As this was my first time, I tried to remember what he had done to me, so I used my tongue to open his piss slit, whilst sucking gently. This was great I thought, as I worked my mouth up and down his prick. It was not too long before he started to grunt softly and his prick started to pulse as he shot his load into my mouth.

This was my first time, but not my last, for although I married and had children, it was in middle age that I started visiting gay saunas and got to suck lots of pricks of all sizes.

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