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 I was a very independent kid. Somehow, my parents trusted me to stay out of trouble. If they only knew the kind of trouble I was getting into! It would have been obvious to anyone who knew better what I was up to. Maybe they did, I don’t know. All I know is that I have almost as many stories from those sexually formative years as I do these days.

My dad was an officer in the Air Force. He and I would travel to Air Force bases for him to do his work and stay on base. He had his evening routine. He would drink some beer in front of the tv and fall asleep. That’s when I would sneak out and wander around the complex, looking in windows and trying to see military men naked in their rooms. I did see a few. I never played with anyone, but that wasn’t the point at that age – which I’m thinking was about 11 or 12.

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Later, around the age of 14 or 15, I started having my mom drop me off at the mall on Saturdays around noon and I would stay there until 5 or 6. Instead of hanging out with the other kids, I was hanging out in the cruisy bathrooms. Sometimes, the guys I’d meet would ask me how old I was and when I told them the truth, they’d turn and run screaming. Sometimes, I’d lie and say 18. But, most of the time, they never asked. I remember going to guys’ houses or cars. There were times they would plan to come pick me up from my neighborhood and take me out in the woods for a while. There were guys who wanted to date me, but I was too independent to get serious with any of them. I just wanted sex.

Treasure Island Media, Park & Ride

There was sex everywhere I looked. I met guys who would suck my dick under water in the hot tub at a hotel in Florida. I found sex walking through parks, at theme parks, at school, everywhere. I was dating college guys when I was in high school. The point is, I knew what I wanted and I always got it!

I’ve always hated condoms. I remember dipping my stick bare, any time I got the chance. I would tease a guys hole with the head of my raw cock and hope that he wouldn’t make me stop. I was probably 16 when I went on a group trip to Savannah, GA. Around 9 or 10 at night, I was walking to the hotel, alone, when a car pulled up beside me. He asked what I was up to and if I wanted a ride. I said, “yes.” This guy was really cute. I remember thinking that I would love to fuck him. I didn’t know that he was imagining the same scenario. We talked for a minute and agreed to go back to his place. Once we got there, he started sucking my dick and asked, “Do you want to fuck me?” I said, “Absolutley!”

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He looked around for lube, but didn’t have any. There wasn’t any discussion of condoms. And I remember it was fine by me. We were trying to figure out some way to make my dick go into his ass, when he came up with the idea to use Wesson cooking oil. That was a first for me. But, ya know, it felt really good! I remember how his tight hole felt opening up against the head of my dick. His hole opened up as it slid down my cock. I could feel how tight he was and how his hole was stretching to accommodate my cock. It was a sensation that I would remember for the rest of my life!

For a long time after that, whenever I would jack off, I would take my lubed left hand and ball my fist up, so that my thumb and index finger made kind of a butthole shape, and I would guide my cock into it and open my hand so that it felt like his butthole wrapping around the head of my dick. It was an amazing feeling. I bet you’ll try it for yourself. }:-)


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