“I was a late bloomer in my sexuality. But once I got comfortable with who I was I embraced everything full steam ahead. I love playing with complete strangers, and I’ve done some escorting and amateur fetish modeling. I think I am prepared to be a TIM man.”

The proceeding is from Val’s application, enjoy it, then tell us in the comments below whether you think he has what it takes to join us.

Val Ocery’s Application –

  • [cock size] => 8.5 in.
  • [cut/uncut] => Cut
  • [height] => 5′ 9″
  • [weight] => 160 lbs.
  • [hair] => Brown
  • [eye] => Hazel
  • [bodytype] => Athletic
  • [ethnic] => White
  • [rec drug] => No
  • [fucking] => Vers
  • [sucking] => Vers
  • [piss play] => Vers
  • [nipple play] => Vers
  • [felching] => Top
  • [fist fucking] => Vers
  • [rimming] =>  Vers
  • [S&M] => Vers
  • [turn ons] => I like all kinds of masculine men, older guys can be super hot. I like guys who aren’t hesitant to take what they want when they’re fucking me. I am a great kisser but the truth is I like to use that to get men really fired up to fuck. I think that means I like men with the kind of passion that draws on something dark and disturbingly obscene. I know that’s what it does to me.
  • [turn offs] => I am not interested in twinks, men with smaller dicks are hard to play with even when they’re great guys. I’m not interested in men who get judgmental or diva..ish. Men who are extremely overweight can be challenging as well. I also am not doing this to be loved. There is something about sexual masochism that draws unwanted affections.
  • [fantasy] => I’ve wanted to be on film with men since I was a kid. I audition at the Bijou here in Chicago at about 20. Now I like to fantasize about being filmed bottoming a gang bang. With strangers, I don’t want to know them, bareback, with a lot of hard anal. They are hard men not carefully groomed, each guy does 30 secs as hard as he can.. and switches. It’s a sunny day and I need more space to type it!
  • [sexual talent] => I’m a great bottom. I can take it deep and hard and love it. I cum just from being fucked without even touching my cock. I do look great getting handled by men and have a high school boy’s enthusiasm for fucking guys. I’m a decent top as well and I like dom on guys for fun but it’s not what I think about in idle moments. Getting fucked is.


Should VAL Be Our Next TIMWhore? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Think you have what it takes to be on of Paul Morris’ Men? Fill out an application here.

  1. “I’m not interested in men who get judgmental or diva..ish.”

    Then proceeds to show disinterest in twinks, small dicks, overweight, etc…

    *rolls eyes*

  2. I say no based purely on the fact that he sent in a pic of him being dominated by a woman.

  3. This guy is well worth TIM’s time! Got the pleasure of fucking him in Chicago and he is everything as he say he is plus more! Hire him!!

  4. WOOF! Put Val to work on Brad McGuire and Jack Allen and let them use him as they seem fit (some bondage would be smokin’ HOT) and film it and let us watch the boy get his fantasies filled along with his ass. Grrrrrrrrr….

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