CUMSLOPPY STORY || Double-Teaming Bottom Boy

A bottom boy, whom I’ve fucked a few times before, e-mailed me to see if I could find any other tops to fuck and breed him with me later that night. This kid is hot. He is 22yo 5’11” 160, bi, and 8 cut. I told him that I’d look around and see what I could find. Treasure Island Media, Cum Whore

My top buddy, Alex, agreed to meet at my place to fuck him. Alex is all top. He is 27, 6′, 170, 10 cut cock. He is super ripped with a huge dick. I want this bi bottom boy to really get stretched out good.

We were all supposed to meet at my place at 8:15. The bottom arrived shortly before 8. I don’t mind but he was a little early. We both stripped down.

“Let me get this load in you before he arrives so you’re all lubed up good. Ill be able to give you a second load after he blows in you,” I ordered him.

“You sure you can give me two loads?” he asked, as he got on his knees and to suck cock.

“Yeah, for sure. Now let’s get this first one out.”

I got him flat on his stomach, ate his hole out some, applied some spit to it and my cock, and slid into him. Fuck, his pussy was tight. I put both my arms through his shoulders and began pumping his cunt with my rock hard cock. After a few minutes of that, I told him to flip over on his back because “I want to see you as I breed your ass.” I held his legs up and slid my cock back inside his tight, raw hole. I pumped away at his hole. He began twisting my nipples.

“Beg for my load” I told him.

“Fucking blow it in me. Breed my ass up. Give me your fucking babies,” he begged of me.

“Here it fucking comes. Take my seed bitch” I yelled as I shoved my dick as deep inside his gut as possible. “There’s your first load, bitch.”

As soon as I was done breeding him, I received a text from Alex, the top. He was pulling up.

“The other top is here. Give your ass up to him like you just did to me.”

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Alex knocked and came in. I give him a kiss and lead him to my bedroom to present our bareback bottom boy for the night. He was pleased and stripped down to reveal his ripped body and giant dick. Bi bottom boy began sucking on his cock as I stood next to him. Eventually, the bottom started going back and forth between both our cocks, sucking on them. After a few minutes of that, I lay on the bed so that the bottom could suck on my cock while getting fucked from behind. Alex lined his big bare dick up to the boy’s hole and said “I hope you’re ready” as he slid on in.

“Fuck. This hole feels so hot with all this cum in here” he said as he entered the boy.

“Yeah, I bred him before you got here” I confessed.

Alex smiles and pumps away at the boys now stretched out hole. He kept him in the same position and continued to pound and pump the boy’s ass full of his big cock. When I could tell Alex was getting close, I told the bottom to “beg for his load, bitch.” He begged the top to “fucking breed my sloppy hole, man. Give me all your sperm. Load my ass up.”

“You want my raw load, bitch? Here it is” Alex exclaimed as he jams his big dick as far inside the boy as it would go.

After he finished draining his balls in the boy’s ass, he switched places with me. I placed my cock back against his now trashed hole.

“I got a second load for you, boy” I told him as I slid back inside.

His ass felt marvelous. Totally covered inside with gobs of cum. Fucking paradise. Every time I went in and out of his ass, there was the sound of cum being squished around. This time I didn’t last as long, so when I was ready, I grabbed his shoulders and told him “here is your third load for the night. Be careful for what you wish for.”

I proceeded to flood his ass with the last of my cum. “Fuck” I exclaimed. After I withdrew my cock, I spent a minute or two eating his cummy hole out with my tongue. Delicious.

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We all just crashed on the bed in a sweaty mess.

“Damn, that was hot,” the bottom boy said.

“I know. You owe me now,” I told him.

I gave them all towels to clean up. I gave them each a hug as they left and thanked them for coming over.

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