CUMSLOPPY STORY || A New Smartphone

I’ve always been a top. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate hot guys who are also tops, but I love pumping my cock in a hot throat and ass as often as possible.

TIMSuck, Cockhound

I recently upgraded my phone plan and bought a smart phone. Where I live a smart phone isn’t all that useful but I thought what the fuck. The first app I put on was Grindr. I posted a self-picture and a lame profile and I was surprised by the number of guys within a reasonable distance.

Last night while I was in town to pick up supplies, I heard this “ding” coming from my phone. Somewhat confused, I searched and discovered I had a message on Grindr. I looked to see who wanted my cock. All I saw was a blank profile, but in the messages I read “You want to suck me off?” With no hesitation, I said “Yup.” The mystery guy I chatted back and forth with seemed cool and I said I wanted to see a picture first. “Ding” up pops a cute 20 something boy’s face in a funny winter hat and a separate picture of a cock followed by “I’m at work and can’t take a face and cock picture together. My shift ends in 20 minutes.” I told him I live in the county and unless he was willing to make the drive, I had no place to host. His response was “You can suck me off in my car.” Not believing this is happening, we agreed on a parking lot of a local liquor store and what kind of vehicles we were each driving.

When I get to the lot I tell him I’m there in my truck with the lights on. In no time a white Impala pulls up next to me. This kid looks over at me, and nods his head. I hop out of my truck and climb into his passenger seat. The parking lot is too full and he says he knows this place where we could do this. The hot kid pulls out and we start off to his secret spot.

Treasure Island Media, Park and Ride

I reach over and find him in sweat pants with a nice bulge. I slide my hand inside, find him commando, and wrap my hand around a nice cut cock. While I stroke him, he lifts his hips up and pulls his sweats down so I can get to his dick. He pulls into an empty side street and parks. I lean over and swallow his cock balls deep and proceed to blow a guy I would normally fuck. His hands go to the back of my head pushing me down on his dick. That totally turned me on. I slurp, snort and suck on his cock that isn’t huge, but thick. After about 30 minutes of getting my face fucked, he groans he’s going to cum. I pull up enough to say “Feed me.” and go back to sucking. Soon his leg muscles tighten and his hands push my head down so my nose is in his bush. He moans and shoots a huge load down my throat. I pull up enough to get some of his jizz in my mouth. When he’s done cumming he pulls me off his cock by my ears and says “I’m Jake. I needed that.” Wiping my mouth with my fingers, sucking off any cum that had leaked out, I tell him my name and that I was happy to suck his cock. He drove back to the parking lot, my hand in his sweats. As I got out, he said, “I want to this again if you do.” I licked my fingers so he could see and winked at him. About 15 minutes later he hit me up saying I give great head.

TIMSuck Lucky Joe, Manual Roko

When I got home, I immediately stripped and jacked out a huge cum load thinking about what happened. I’m glad I got a smart phone.

Story via Bobby

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