8.5 PARFUM – A Man’s Scent by Matthew Camp

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Matthew Camp, 8.5 Parfum, Treasure Island Media

8.5 is a unique and exotic fragrance created and worn by Matthew Camp himself. It is designed to be activated by the heat and chemistry of a man’s body and to compliment the natural male fragrance. 8.5 contains a high concentration of rare and exotic oils from around the world including essences of black leather, earthly cedars, bourbon and genuine aphrodisiacs.

“The oil-based scent varies tantamount from person to person and acts as a genuine aphrodisiac tapping into the (im)purity of humanity. It’s almost beyond description.” – excerpt from Karlismyunkle.com

“Reminiscent of a harder, more raw version of Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather (no mean feat in itself), 8.5 is a thick, rich, musky scent that lingers with its sexy sillage, announcing itself not subtly, but with a big, bold, crotch-in-your-face stance perfectly befitting its aggressive nature.” – excerpt from Alanilagan.com

“The word ‘dirty’ is what initially made Paul fall in love with this product. It’s a cologne for men who don’t usually wear cologne, who prefer a natural scent; men who like to get dirty. It’s supposed to smell like a man, it’s not Chanel No. 5.” – Joey Jeffers, T.I.M.

Through a very special partnership, TIMFans can now purchase Matthew Camp’s 8.5 on treasreislandmedia.com. 

Note: While 8.5 can and will induce erotic behavior, it is NOT poppers. 

Matthew Camp, 8.5 Parfum, Treasure Island Media


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