CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Owns the Boy’s Hole Now

He tells the boy to bend over and spread his legs. The boy does. He spits on his hole and spreads his ass cheeks open. The boy moans. He puts his cockhead on the boy’s smooth hole and thrusts a little. The boys says quietly, “Do you have a condom?” He stops and thinks what to do. He does have condoms, in the cabinet under the sink. But he really doesn’t want to go get them right now. So he says, “No”—just to see what the boy will say.

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The boy says nothing.

“Spread your ass open,” he tells the boy.

The boy does as told.

And in that moment he decides he’s going to do it. He’s going to push in raw.

The boy moans, then gasps. His boyhole looks so beautiful taking raw cock. It looks so right. It feels so right.

I shouldn’t be doing this, he thinks. But he’s not saying anything. This is what he wants.

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

Then he thinks, Should I tell him?

But all he says is, “How does that feel, baby?”

“Sooooooo good,” the boy says. “So fucking good.”

He pushes in a little further. The boy is so tight.

The boy gasps again, then asks, “Are you clean?”

He doesn’t answer.

“Are you clean?,” he asks the boy.

“Yeah,” says the boy. And that’s all he says.

I’ll be good, he thinks to himself. I’ll pull out when when I’m ready to shoot.

But now he’s all the way in. His whole fat cock deep inside the boy, no barriers between them. The boy almost feels like an extension of his cock. He owns the boy’s hole now. He owns the boy.

This boy wants to be owned, he thinks to himself.

He’s fucking him now, faster. He can’t quite believe this is happening.

I shouldn’t come in him, he thinks.

The boy moans.

He slows his thrusts. He’s going to take his time using this boy’s hole.

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

“I’m going to cum in him.”

Story via BareCurious

  1. It’s nothing more than getting a common cold, or type 2 diabetes
    Every day
    For the rest of your life

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