They say Treasure Island Media is more of a cult than a studio. With that in mind meet one of our cult members, Chris Perry. I would say that Chris is like a pig wallowing in mud fucking another pig on a pig farm.

Julian: Afternoon Chris!

Chris: Hey Julian, thanks for calling. I’m glad to finally be doing this!

I AM, Chris Perry

J: Yea, of course! Let’s start. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

C: Okay, I’m 29 years old. I used to work in tech for Apple, but I hated it. I left that and went to school to become a barber. I love being outdoors, camping, hiking, you know all that stuff. I discovered my piggishness at a pretty young age. I haven’t looked back since. I love fucking, being fucked, just generally getting dirty.

J: Great! That’s what we love to hear. So you and Dice just started a relationship. How did you guys meet?

C: Actually we met through Treasure Island. We started corresponding since we lived so far away. A few weeks back I flew up to Portland [Oregon] to get to know him better, which is around the time you interviewed him. And we’ve been dating since then. I actually just moved up to Portland a few days ago.

J: You’re a regular Treasure Island love story!

C: Haha, yea! I actually just moved to Portland a few days ago.

J: Really? How do you like it?

C: I’m loving it so far. It reminds me of San Francisco twenty years ago. The San Francisco I fell in love with. The saying up here is “Keep Portland weird,” and I think that people take that to heart around here. It’s a very unique place.

I AM, Chris Perry

J: You’ve been in a few Treasure Island videos, which ones?

C: Let me think. I have been in a TIMSuck scene, I was in Butt Snack by Pony, and I was also in Drunk on Cum. I don’t remember which one, though [Part Six].

J: Was porn something you always wanted to be a part of?

C: I think the best way to answer that is that I have wanted to film Treasure Island porn since I first started watching you guys.  It’s basically the only porn I watch. I’m such a huge exhibitionist, and Treasure Island really captures the way I love to have sex. I figured filming with you guys would be a great way to be an exhibitionist without having to register as a sex offender, haha. The first scene I did was on a loft on Dore Alley, and it was everything I wanted and knew it would be. It was a rush.

J: You’ve been in only suck scenes with us. Are you planning on doing any fucking for us soon?

C: Man, I would love to do some fuck scenes. It hasn’t come up yet, but man the moment they do I’m down to pound.

J: What do you like to do outside of porn and sex?

C: Well, professionally I’m a barber. I really like my job. Like I said earlier I just to be outdoors. I’m a big fan of MotoX. I enjoy hunting and camping and things like that.

J: Did you grow up in wilderness?

C: Haha, no, not at all. But we camped a lot on weekends and vacation. I do a lot of rock climbing. I hate fishing but I love swimming. Growing up I was interested in cars, and engines, and things that go boom.

J: Cool. So I ask this of everyone. Why barebacking for you?

C: It’s a little bit of a long answer. I feel like gays have borne a lot of the blame for AIDS and HIV. And I say “blame” very specifically. There was no analysis, just a knee jerk reaction toward us with no desire to understand. And over the years the demographics of HIV infection have changed dramatically, but we’re still coded as dirty. Look at any news cast coming out of the Castro and there’s an HIV testing van in the background. We’re the “other” and HIV is “our” disease. It’s fear mongering and it’s not fair. And that was planted in our brains early on, especially my generation of younger gays and the ones that followed. For me, barebacking was a rejection of that shame. It was a rejection of that blame. It’s what felt good. It felt real and primal and dirty. In the end that’s what I am. I’m a filthy primal beast, and I love expressing that every chance I get. One time early on I was wearing a condom fucking this guy, and it got lost in his. That’s when I didn’t care. I just kept fucking him, and it was great. I won’t go back.

J: What turns you on in a guy?

C: I’m a big fan of fur. Furry ass, furry chest, beards. I love it.

J: How about some sexual turn ons?

C: Sexually? I enjoy sticking myself into things, haha!

To be perfectly honest, I love being objectified; I love being something to fuck or something to be fucked by. It’s hot. I would say my favorite position is being in the middle of a sandwich. Unloading in a hole while getting loaded really fucking gets me hot. I love cum. I love it in, on, and around me. I’m enjoy getting pissed on. One of my favorite pastimes is being tied to a sling and getting railed.

Dice and I are huge jock strap enthusiasts. Between the two of us we probably have fifty pairs or so. Gear is a fun thing for me. Being in it, seeing guys in leather. It’s all great.

Treasure Island Media, Butt Snack

J: Great! Is there anything you want people to know that I didn’t ask you?

C: Just that barebacking isn’t a crime. It’s what we’re meant to do. I think that a lot of the anti-barebacking people, knowingly or not, are pushing an anti-gay agenda. Let us live. Don’t deny us the pleasure of sex that everyone else takes for granted.

  1. Great action. There are not enough “Long Biker Beard” men in gay porn. The look is good and the Fantasy factor is very high.

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