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I had a shoot with him around a year and half or two years ago.  At that time he was full of nervous crazy energy, laughing and sure of himself.  But life moves fast and relentlessly and we grow into maturity whether we want it or not.

In the intervening time he’d gone through some very bad betrayals.  And in reaction he’d made some bad decisions.  One of the results was a horrible car accident in which he’d lost a leg.

His spirit is unbroken, to say the least.  He’s grown a great deal and now feels like a man, steady and serious.  I asked about sex and he responded “I love it more than ever.  I can’t get enough.” 

Paul Morris, Paul's Men, Paul's PhotosPaul Morris, Paul's Men, Paul's Photos

It was a brief shoot: the leg is new and he grows tired easily.  At first I thought of asking him to take it off, but as he talked I realized how proud he was of it, and how much it meant to him to be able to stand “on his own two feet” for the first time in a long time.

I asked about the dog tags.  He said they’d belonged to a friend of his who’d died in Afghanistan. Almost sternly he said to me and Pony “You’d better love life while you have it, man.  It’s a gift.”

Paul Morris, Paul's Men, Paul's Photos


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