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To quote the Scissor Sisters:

“He said is this the return to Oz?

The grass is dead

The gold is brown

And the sky has claws

There’s a wind-up man

Walking round and round

What once was Emerald City’s

Now a crystal town”

This really is pretty redolent of recent experiences in good old Lambeth. An old friend of mine told me recently that he recommends to his other friends in the locale not to list their location as Lambeth in their Scruff profiles. The reason? Lambeth has become a crystal town! Sketchy, flakey, tweaked out lost souls are becoming the indigenous inhabitants on this scene. It does seem that all but gone are the good old days when a group fuck was in fact what it said on the tin. I shall refer you to a specific recent unexpected adventure the HusPig and I unwittingly found ourselves embroiled into.

It’s late Saturday afternoon. By some unbelievable stroke of coincidence and blind luck we have found ourselves both off together on a Saturday with no prior engagements, arrangements, appointments, liaisons or shenanigans planned! This had to be a first for us. We are both horned up and exchange that cheeky smirk which can only mean one thing. Mischief will ensue! An unscripted weekend: Fuck Yeah!

Not one to ever look a gift horse in the mouth I have a quick scan through scruff and Recon and it doesn’t take long (literally less than a minute) before we get an invite to go play with a couple of horny blokes we know in the area. Having learnt that delaying and waiting for the next best thing, in the majority of cases, just leads to frustration and missed opportunities, so we strike while the iron is hot and arrange to get to theirs within the hour.

Treasure Island Media. Slammed

45 mins later I get a call off one of the guys….

“Where are you guys? Get a shift on”

He sounded jokey but a little edgy too. Alarm bells started to chime gently in the depths of my subconscious.

The door opens and we are greeted by one of the guys. There are two guys coming down the stairs and two stood on the stairs. I thought it was just the four of us. Pity the fool who assumes without asking. We walk into the flat and there are around 10 guys sat and stood around, naked, chatting. No sex, no hard cocks: just nonsense.

I was flushed with a mixture of irritation, anger, intrigue and horniness. I knew what was going on. We had been invited to get things going.

I almost turned around and walked out! I looked at the HusPig and could see the same look that must have been painted across my face. We exchanged that look for a few seconds and both looked around again before looking back to each other and nodding. His reluctance showed too. But, we was here now, may as well stay and see what happened.

We got undressed, had a little something to pep us up a bit and returned to the room of non-sex.

“Thanks for coming over. We need you to get things going a bit. Oh and it’s a mixed group. Some raw and some safe” Quietly says one of the guys who had invited us over.

Treasure Island Media, Slammed

*(I have nothing against safe sex, it’s an individual and personal choice, however mixed preference in a big group is just a fucking nightmare!)

“Would have been nice to have known it was a party. We was actually looking forward to a sleazy four way with you two.” I could tell he knew I wasn’t impressed.

We introduced ourselves, sat and joined the conversation. Everyone was pretty high. To get things started Huspig attached a dog lead to my neck chain and got me sucking his cock. Being an exhibitionist I don’t mind being the focus of a group but it did feel a little odd being the only two in the room actually doing anything sexual. Once he felt I had sucked him enough he handed the lead to another guy in the room and told him he was free to offer me round or use me how he saw fit, giving me a wry smile. I love being used in this way and he knows that all too well!

Before long I was sucking an Asian guy to get him hard. Behind me one of the others was trying to fuck me but couldn’t get hard. I was span round and whilst I worked on the cock of the guy who had been behind me’s cock with my mouth the guy I had got hard started fucking me. After about five minutes they stopped and moved me onto some others in the group. They didn’t seem too comfortable with me being on the lead and shortly after they dressed and left saying it was all too heavy for them. As a result, the play had fallen flat on its face.

Several more brief bouts of play erupted and died shortly after, mostly the Asian guy and HusPig tag fucking me. As respectful guests we also had some fun with the host:  Both of us rode his cock whilst everybody else milled about watching. The atmosphere was beginning to get to me. Just as I was about to suggest we head off, one of the guys who had asked us over grabbed me and pounded the shit out of me with his lovely thick cock. It was both unexpected and horny as fuck and served to restore my misgivings a little. As a result I popped out for a cigarette and to get some RedBull from the shop.

Slammed, Treasure Island Media

When I returned, several new guys had arrived in my absence. They were also high beyond reason and I noticed that the bathroom had become slam central. With pairs of guys casually going in together to emerge five minutes later looking even more fidgety and wide eyed. The neighbours had made complaints about the noise and people were still inviting more guys over. Things were getting out of hand.

By this point the blue pill I had taken earlier was kicking in and my cock was eager to fuck arse. What happened next was the most surreal part of the party for me. There were about ten of us crammed into a tiny bedroom to try and contain the noise. I started fucking the host. Everybody else just sat around making small talk, watching porn or just staring at me. I looked over at HusPig and knew it was time to go.

“Is nobody else here gonna fuck or am I missing something here?”

Nobody answered

I pulled my cock out and started getting dressed.

“Time to go. This is too fucked up for me.”

The bedroom quickly emptied and we thanked the host for his hospitality. The guys who had invited us were nowhere to be seen and as I collected my bits and pieces up I noticed the flat was as it had been when we arrived. Lots of naked guys, twitching about, not having sex.

Treasure Island Media, Slammed

On the walk home I received a text from another couple we knew who lived near by. They were inviting us over for a four way. Ten minutes later we were getting nice and sleazy and did so for the next several hours. Sometimes, it appears, it is worth waiting to see what your other options are. As for big groups…. Let’s just say I’m starting to lose my faith in the scene.

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