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Work had been utterly chaotic, in good part because I’d made the decision to hire an insane–but very nice–young man as an assistant. He was 21 and had disappeared in a flurry of guns, drugs and disaster.

The photo shoot with Soroush was like a tranquil island of absolute peace in comparison.

I was amazed to learn that Soroush is 22.  Compared to the 21 year old I’d been working with, Soroush seemed far more self-aware than 22 years warranted.

I left the room and asked Pony to give Soroush a white sheet and a light.  When I came back, this is how Pony had arranged things.


Why a simple white sheet?  I have no idea.  I have no ideas or concepts.  Though with Soroush the sheet kept turning into different distinctive things.  He never questioned it, but tried out different poses until I liked something.

I think it was because he was so refreshingly grown-up that I asked if we could all climb under the sheet together.  The three of us–Pony, Soroush and me–covered ourselves and it was suddenly like we were boys hiding in a secret fort.  I could smell the clean scents of Soroush and Pony and feel their warmth.


I don’t know when I’ve found a shoot so refreshing and pleasant. On a whim I asked him if he knew what “Soroush” meant.

“Yes, I do. Do you know what ‘Paul’ means?”

I told him that I thought that ‘Paul’ meant ‘humble’. This made Pony laugh out loud, and I can’t blame him.

“So, what does ‘Soroush’ mean?” I asked again.

“It means ‘angel’.”



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