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Today I got to experience the magic of doing two sexual things that I’ve never ever, ever ever done before. And it was pure magic.

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I like to think of myself as “sexually experienced.” “Well Used” might be accurate, too. I’ve done three ways, fourgys, anonymous breeding scenes, bookstores, bath houses, slings, gang bangs, bondage, flogging, blindfolds, public sex, sex parties, sex while stoned, etc. I’ve been videotaped having sex and have videos on X-tube and other sites.

I’ve done a lot.

But I had never made a porn video before where I was the cameraman. And I had never been double penetrated.

Now both items are off my “fucket list.”

Last Friday I was getting bred by this guy I’m sort of on love with. He’s a totally handsome, furry, ginger with perfect auburn hair and beard. Anyway, we got to talking and I said how much I wanted to watch him get fucked by my buddy with the 10” dick. He got very turned on by the idea. And was anxious to try out the “biggest cock I’ve ever taken.”

Well, as it turns out, Big Ten was available today. And he was totally up for test driving Ginger-man’s ass after all my high praise. So I set it up, and had them both over to mine for an epic threeway.

They arrived at the appointed hour and we all stripped. G-man dropped to his knees to worship at the altar of massive cock— and I started filming.

We eventually moved to the bed and G-man got ready to ride the Big Ten’s massive fuckstick. Again, I got it all on video. The first penetration— and the poppers hit needed to get past the thick point. And all the delicious wrecking of his cunt afterward, with all his moans of ecstasy and yelps of pain.

And G-man’s beautiful bearded face in the throes of ultimate pleasure.

It honestly boned me up like nothing else, watching the guy I have a crush on taking my favorite cock of all time. My dick hasn’t been that hard since… Well… For a long time.

I did stop filming occasionally to join in. But always found myself going back for more footage. More angles. More positions. Video of G-man sucking my dick while getting pounded.

I’m hard even now as I recall these details and the look as he was nursing on my rock hard dick.

I was hoping to get footage of Big Ten breeding G-man all the way up in his colon. But even though I warned him about the massiveness of the meat he was going to take, he had to tap out after 45 minutes of fucking. He just couldn’t take any more.

So then it was my turn.

I straddled Big Ten, and forced my ass down onto his cuntwrecker. Poppers helped a lot. G-man (who normally breeds me) was still hard and hadn’t cum yet.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

He knows my weakness are my nips, so he got up behind me and started working my tits. I was so turned on I said, “I want you to DP me!”

G-man, now knowing full well the magnitude of the 10 incher that was now inside MY hole just asked “Are you sure?”

“Dude, I’ve never been DP’d ever, and I’ve never wanted to try it more than I do right now. Please put your dick in me— and for Chrissy’s sake FILM IT!”

He lubed up and grabbed my camera. He pressed record and got some footage of Big Ten inside me. Then he gently pushed me forward while I hit the poppers like crazy. Big Ten worked my nips gently and G-man started nudging his cock head into my chute.

Oh my god. The pain. The intensity. The feel of a second cock entering me (and G-man is about 7” and has a mushroom head).

I cried out to every deity in the litany as G-man worked to get in me.

Then… POP!

His head popped past my sphincter, and he slid all the way inside me. In that moment I think I saw Nirvana. It was the most intense “fullness” I have ever felt.

And then he started fucking me. Big Ten basically remained motionless on bottom, other than working my nips (which worked me into a fuckfrenzy). And G-man pounded away at my hole, his cock wedged between my ring and 10 inches of cockmeat.

I started loudly begging for him to breed me. I NEEDED to feel G-man cum inside my double-penetrated manhole. It took about five sensational, mind blowing minutes, but soon he was panting heavy and I knew he was close.

“Dude, this is so fucking hot! I’m gonna put my seed in you… Ready?”


And he did. Loudly. And with extreme prejudice.

G-man pulled out, as did Big Ten and we all had to do a little cleanup after the destruction my ass just went through. And G-man was done so he took off. But Big Ten hadn’t cum yet. So he and I went at it again.

Big Ten fucked me for 30 more minutes before his spunk ended up in my colon— and mine ended up spattering him, me, and my sheets, during the most intense orgasm I’ve had probably ever had.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

Afterward my mind was spinning, going on twelve different directions at once. To his credit, Big Ten just lay there silently with his softening cock still inside me, while I processed everything that had just happened.

Truly it was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life.

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