CASTING CALL || Keith Adkins


“I’m lucky to be living in Chicago. It’s a great and diverse gay scene, and I’ve been able to explore sex on different scenes with different men. I want to see what else is out there, and I think porn is the best way to do that.”

The proceeding is from Keith’s application, enjoy it, then tell us in the comments below whether you think he has what it takes to join us.

Keith Adkins’ Application –

  • [cock size] => 8×6″”
  • [cut/uncut] => Cut
  • [height] => 6′
  • [weight] => 180 lb.
  • [hair] => Shaved
  • [eye] => Brown
  • [bodytype] => Athletic
  • [ethnic] => White
  • [fucking] => Bottom
  • [sucking] => Vers
  • [piss play] => None
  • [nipple play] => Vers
  • [felching] => Vers
  • [fist fucking] => None
  • [rimming] =>  Vers
  • [S&M] => Bottom
  • [turn ons] => I like all kinds of guys. Typically I go for the talk, dark, hairy & hung type. but I like all races, ages, and body types. Prefer athletic build, but open to all. Masculine, rough around the edges types.
  • [turn offs] => I’m not a fan of meth users haha. I don’t like guys who are not hygienic, and don’t take care of themselves. I’m not a huge fan of shaven bodies, although naturally smooth is totally hot.
  • [fantasy] => I’ve always wanted to be used as a fuck doll for a guy. Let him do whatever he wants to me. Get my throat fucked like a pussy, have the guy throw me around into whatever position he wants me in. maybe restrained and shared with other tops.
  • [sexual talent] => I can deepthroat (for real). I’m a great cocksucker and really get into it. I can give a nice wet blowjob or get my mouth fucked deep. I also can be a great sub bottom or a total power bottom depending on the guy and the chemistry.


Should KEITH Be Our Next TIMWhore? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Think you have what it takes to be on of Paul Morris’ Men? Fill out an application here.

  1. Sorry guys, I do not agree. Does it not need a little more than some smartphone pictures to get the honour?

    1. Does the quality of a persons pictures make them more or less hot, or capable of fucking? He looks like a TIM guy to me…

  2. For the record, I don’t use crystal. I never said that I did, and the writer of this blog completely made it up. I did, in fact, say that I don’t like meth-users. And I’ve been completely ignored by him since I said he could use my photos.

  3. I liked him until I read he uses meth. Country is country wide and, well, we like milk, veggies, burgers, fries, milkshakes…but not meth. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never cared what people do in their free time, but we don’t all have to know. For this reason, I vote to keep looking. I could find you in any city. My porn dollar is going to the hard to get country boy.

    1. I don’t use meth! The blogger lied, and I haven’t been able to get in contact with him. I have never used meth.

  4. He says he does meth rarely recreationally but then says not a fan of meth users so he contradicts himself. Unless he meant he is not a fan of tweakers?

    1. I don’t use meth, the blogger made it up! I emailed him several times but haven’t heard back from him.

    2. Got this reply from Keith:


      don’t use meth, the blogger made it up! I emailed him several times but haven’t
      heard back from him.

      p.m., Sunday Jan. 12

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