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I was horny as hell when I got to my room at Steamworks, and through the open door across the hallway I found exactly what my fat loaded balls were aching for: a motionless guy on the bed with his ass up and no rubbers in site. It was the perfect omen for what I hoped would be a full night of breeding. I rushed into my room, tore my clothes off and headed straight across the hall without even my towel.

Treasure Island media, TIMFuck

The guy stirred when I slapped his round bubble butt with my fat dick. As I closed the door and my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw something I hadn’t noticed before – a stream of cum dripping from his hole to the mattress. Fucking Jesus! This was too fucking sweet! The guy started to get on his knees, but I pushed him back on his belly. The sight and smell of all that spooge was intoxicating, and I wanted to make love to his pussy with my tongue before I invaded him with my fat dick and spewed my own toxic juice up there. I felched a huge load and savored it like wine. I wanted to leave plenty to lube my fuck, but the thick, husky taste of man juice was just too sweet to pass up. I slurped another load with my tongue, turned him over and fed his mouth a juicy glob of cream. He sucked like a greedy little pig, and we passed the sweet seed back and forth in a hot, nasty kiss.

“Damn, fucker, you’re hole is fucking SWEET! How many loads you got up there?”

“At least 10 or 11. Some guys came back and dumped more than one load. I love it, dude, can’t get enough. I hope you’ve got a big one for me.”

Both my head and my dick were throbbing with white-hot lust. I was so fucking crazed that I didn’t know what to do with this horny bitch boy first. I fingered his raw cunt, which still felt pretty tight, and pulled out another fat wad of manseed. He sucked my finger, and we shared another sloppy kiss. What a fucking hot kisser! He looked in his late 20s or early 30s, about 5-10 and 160 pounds, Latino, with a nice face and full lips. Although we were the same height, I had at least 10 years and 30 pounds of muscle over him, so I pinned him in my arms like a tiger on prey. I usually don’t care if my anonymous fucks get off when I breed ’em, but I knew this boy was my kind of whore, and it was sweet to know that sliding my meat into his cunt and spewing my pozcum in his guts would satisfy both of us.

His wet mouth clamped onto my pecs, and he sucked my huge nipples like a hungry baby. I felt like a prizefighter who just heard the bell for Round 1.

“Fuck yeah, boy, Daddy’s gonna pump and breed your bitch cunt good! You’re gonna get my first load of the night, baby, and it’s gonna be fucking huge. I’m gonna refill all the sweet jizz I slurped from your pussy, and then some.”

Ay, papi, please fuck me, please! I’ve been waiting all day for you to come and make love to me! I need my papi to fuck my pussy good! ¡Chíngame, papi! ¡Soy tu puta! ¡Por favor, chíngame!

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! The nasty talk in English was hot enough, but the way this fucker babbled in Spanish like a whore in heat made me shiver. This was one of those rare, sweet encounters – when you find another sex-starved pig who truly shares not just your lust, but also your passion. This would be more than a hot fuck – I wanted to make love to this boy. Instead of flipping him over for a doggie-style fuck, I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and locked eyes with him. I took a hit of Jungle Juice and aimed my rock hard dick at his hole, which was still dripping cum. FUCK!

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

His cunt was so wet that my fat meat slipped all the way in with just one push. He let out a huge scream, which I quickly muffled with my hot tongue and some sweet nasty talk. “Sí, puta, estoy en tu culo. ¡Ay, que rico tu culo! ¡Te quiero tu culo, baby, te quiero tu culo!

When I pulled out a bit to start my rhythm, I saw hot cream coating my dick and oozing out of his stretched, hairless twat. The ripe smell of cum mixed with poppers and sweat was overwhelming, and I fucked like a condemned man given one last pussy to rape before execution. I was babbling like a mad man, alternating curses of “you dirty, fucking whore” and with moans of “papi loves you baby, your sweet pussy makes my dick feel so good.” He pleaded in two languages for me to fuck and breed him as he slurped the sweat dripping off my muscles and fed it back to me with hot, wet kisses. Every time he pushed up to meet my thrusts, I could feel and smell cum seeping out of his hole.

My only regret was that it couldn’t go on forever. My fuse was lit even before we started, and I knew my first load would explode soon.


I almost blacked out as I gripped this boy and slammed him hard with my hips. Wave after wave of pozjuice flowed out of my balls, spraying his insides with a thick coat of sweet poison. I stopped thrusting after a few seconds and used my fat dick to block my dirty cum from leaking out. I collapsed on top of him, held him tight and whispered how much papi loved his sweet puta. We kissed and made out while my bug strains seeped deep inside his soul.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

After about five minutes, I pulled out. His pussy lips stayed tight, but I wanted to savor my work before I left, so I told him to push out. I had worked most of my jizz deep into his guts, but he managed to squeeze out some precious drops that I greedily licked. I fed it to his hungry mouth, and we locked in another juicy kiss. Normally I would have been ready for Round 2, but I wanted to shower, clear my head a bit and recharge my balls with another toxic load for this boy, who deserved only my best. So I got up to leave and told him I would be back if he wanted more.

He smiled and kissed me, and I could still taste the sweet flavor of cum on his lips. “Thank you, Daddy. Te quiero mucho, papi.

I showered, went back to my room and saw that his door was closed. I fell on my bed and dozed off for about an hour. When I woke up, I noticed a piece of paper on the floor. I heard his door open, so I went out into the hall, only to see a fully clothed guy checking into the room. I went back into my room, closed the door and read my boy’s note.

“Gracias, STUD! Te quiero siempre. Hasta luego.

I fell back on the bed with a smile. I was disappointed that he was gone, but he left me with a memory for life.

I don’t know his name, where he lives or whether I’ll ever see him again. But even if I don’t, I still get hard knowing that we shared so much more that was physically and emotionally rewarding in that one fuck than many people do in a lifetime. It was awesome.

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  1. Actually, I found it a rather hot story. And that’s what it is – a story. The danger here was what got me off, and the story is well told.

      1. In my community in Australia, poz guys live into their seventies, and fight off non-sexually transmitted conditions as well as other folk. HIV can be and is being managed.

  2. well…in the end this kils….and a brings big medicine bill…lots of bitter pills and unwanted medical side effects

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