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drewI got dicked so good last night. I was having a quiet night to myself, until I, somehow, wandered online. I prefer to meet guys in person. There’s just something sexy about real people. But… sometimes, I want anonymous, nasty sex.

You know the drill. You log onto one of the sites, you message back and forth and get a lot of takers up front, mostly bottoms. As long as I get what I want, I don’t really care. There are no guarantees, but I’ve had moderate success online. That’s kinda why I don’t go online to find sex very often.

The total bottoms got put onto a list – I have a few playdates for horny nights in the near future. We can see if they follow through. I know I’m game. It’s the versatile guys I’m looking for. The piggier, the better. Total tops? Well, there’s just no such a thing, is there? Especially not when I get there and they see my cock. Everybody turns into a raging bottom whore! (I ain’t mad about that!)

Just when I was about to rub one out and go to bed, I got a message from a really hot guy. He said he was hanging out with is boyfriend and they wanted to know if I would like to come over. I made it very clear that I was on the hunt for cum, tonight. He said that they would try, but they couldn’t promise anything. I figured I would take a chance and bop on over to their place.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

When I got there, I was happy that they’re hot in person. I would’ve hated having to drive back home just to get off. Chemistry was off the charts! There was very little chit chat. It’s hard to chat much with dicks in our mouths. They were both trying to deep throat me. Only one guy could get close to swallowing my cock. It’s ok, I was ready to fuck. I pulled the shorter guy to the edge of the bed and eased my cock into his hole. He pulled off of my dick and grabbed his ass for a minute. It was that initial sting that made him take a moment. But soon, he was right back in position and ready to take my entire cock. I slid in again. His hole was tight and hot! I pushed in all the way to my nuts. He was moaning like a little bitch, but I didn’t care. Actually, that’s the reaction I always love to get. You know, when I’m balls deep and just past that point of pain. It’s amazing when I can feel their second hole open up and let my cock enter. It’s sometimes like I’m sticking the tip into a tight lubed hole and pulling it back out and going back in, just a couple inches. But my entire cock is enveloped in a warm hole, with the tip getting that awesome sensation.

While I was fucking the muscle bottom, his boyfriend, also muscled – yum! – was standing over him so I could suck his dick. It was a nice dick, long enough to reach down my throat. I had my hand on the bottom’s lower back and my mouth on the other guy’s dick. While I had dick down my throat, I would pump my cock with short strokes in the bottom’s ass.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

Once my mouth got his dick real hard, he came around and slid his cock into my ass. I was the Lucky Pierre in the middle. It was my job to rock between both the ass and the cock that were fixed in front and behind me. It takes a little skill. Maybe not as much as Cirque du Soleil, but there is an art to it, nonetheless.

We switched around a few times. I was getting cock in my ass and using the bottom to the limits that his ass would allow. (I got 4 fingers in there.) It was kind of becoming obvious that they weren’t gonna cum. And since I don’t really do the marathon sex sessions, I told them I was ready to cum. I had been close to cumming a few times while fucking ass and face, so I knew it wouldn’t take much. Unfortunately, the bottom said he was done by this time. I guess we wore him out. That’s ok. I like to show off my big loads. So I sat down on a cock and started stroking mine. Before long I was grinding my ass on his cock and it was teasing my special spot. It felt so good! I got close and leaned back and “SPLOOSH!… SPLOOSH!” I sent ropes of cum flying up and over the dude’s head onto the bed. It was pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

I regained my senses and headed for the shower. Somehow we got lube EVERYWHERE!

When I got out of the shower, they said that they had to tell me something. They recognized me from a porn movie. I said “Yea, I would believe it.” Then they said it was the movie with the back of some guy’s tattooed head on the cover. I said, “Oh, you mean #BadSeed”!

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed, Dice

We talked about the movie for a while. I told them how much fun it was to shoot all those scenes. And how that was my boyfriend’s first porn movie. Then they asked who is my boyfriend. I told them he’s the guy in the hoodie in the graffiti scene. They approved. One guy said he knew every scene by heart. That’s pretty amazing. I remember having my own favorite porns that I would know by heart. Now, I buy new ones so much that it’s hard to memorize them all.

Then they tell me that one of them had just told the other about the video – that day. Weird! That’s, like, a crazy coincidence.

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