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We have decided to move to a bigger and less chaotic place. I feel that living with Hamish, one of our crazy hyperactive piggy mates will be just as much fun but a lot less stressful. The constant partying, missing food, shit stains on the toilet bowl and tweaked out drug zombies ringing the doorbell at three am on a Tuesday night have finally become too much for my sanity. Either we leave or I will be going down for mass murder.

At the weekend we went down to Hastings to stay with the Puppy. It was my first time visiting and the first time I would meet his housemate (and ex), Col. I was a little nervous, especially as I had been informed that it would be a ‘no sex under my roof’ household: just what kind of draconian set up was I going to be staying in? However, on meeting Col I was quickly reassured of what kind of bloke he was. He and I spent the first night sat at the dining room table getting pleasantly stoned and discussing philosophy, religion, politics, environmentalism and the new world order. It has been way too long since I have chewed the cud with a kindred spirit over large bag of weed.

During my trip down memory lane, HusPig was showing Pup our latest toy, a zolo, which is kind of like a budget flashJack. He took the lid off and held it up to his nose to sniff the deposits we had left in it a few days ago. We couldn’t help but fall into fits of laughter when a torrent of spunk poured out of the canister all over his face. If nothing else, its a great way to store some cum cocktail to use as lube at a later date!

Treasure Island Media, Dawson's 50 Load Weekend

The following day I went and had my Guiche pierced and we all headed to Brighton to have a cruise on the pier. In my head, the idea was very horny, but the reality was far from it. It was a sunny day and the weather had brought the breeders and coffin dodgers out en-mass. My horny was growing as fast as the frustration was. We spent the evening getting pissed in the Brighton bars and catching up with old friends. I was cruised in a few of the bars, generally by bottom feeders; there didn’t seem to be much in the line of prime pork on offer. HusPig was deliberately taking us to places where I couldn’t sneak off to have a quick play. It was a family day out and it seemed the premise of ‘no sex under my roof’ had extended along the south coast to Brighton too! By the time we got back to Hastings my balls were feeling very blue.

Another night of no bum fun ensued and I went to bed feeling horny beyond all reason. The following morning Col said he had to go out for a few hours. The three of us flicked a knowing look at each other and as Col put his boots and jacket on my cock was already growing hard in my shorts. With the sound of the front door clicking closed, HusPig already had his cock out and it was hitting my tonsils before we heard the sound of the land rover engine firing up. Puppy was quick to act too and was sticking his tongue into my ass and rubbing his ginger stubble over my hole. He kept digging his chin into my wet hole and drawing the stubble up and down, my moans and gasps stifled by the cock furiously fucking my throat.

“Go on pup, you’re free to fuck him if you like. He’s been gagging for it all weekend!” There was no hesitation and within seconds I felt the Pups cock rubbing over my arsehole. He teased the outside of my hole and I could feel the sticky wetness of his precum lubing me up. My hole was hungry it practically grabbed at his cock like a sea anemone. He must have sensed my eagerness and I can’t figure out if it was his mischievous side or if he was teaching me a lesson for being so impatient but he pushed the tip of his cock in and then rammed the whole length home. Fortunately I had momentarily stopped sucking the Huspig, otherwise he could have ended up a ‘lesser’ man! Even for a seasoned cum dump bottom, having a considerably large cock ploughed balls deep into your pretty much un-lubed hole comes as a shock. But as I gasped he pulled back and proceeded to pound the living fuck out of me!

Treasure Island Media, Dawon's 50 Load Weekend

I could feel his balls slapping on my new piercing and the mixture of sharp pain and tingly sensitivity was almost unbearable; but it did slightly take my mind away from him thumping through my second hole. I was pinned over the back of the sofa and HusPig was filming the action on his phone with a big grin on his face. It seemed that I was turning into the bitch in this relationship, not that I was complaining!

The pup pulled out and HusPig manoeuvred me onto my back with my ass hanging off the end of the sofa. He squatted over my face and fed me his cock whilst he held my legs back. The Pup continued his assault on my ass and apparently hadn’t let up on his enthusiasm. My stifled moans were growing louder! With an aggressive scream he pulled out and unloaded over my hole. I couldn’t see how much there was but it just kept coming and coming. HusPig reached over and started fingering the load into my hole and grabbing dollops of the thick white cum to daub on his cock and feed me. The smell, taste and feel of the cum was too much and I reached down and was shooting my own load over my stomach within seconds! HusPig then came around and fucked the remaining spunk back into me and it didn’t take him long to add his own deposit deep inside me.

Treasure Island Media, Dawon's 50 Load Weekend

We cleared up all evidence of any shenanigans for when Col came back and were innocently sitting on the sofa having a cuddle and watching a movie when he breezed back into the house. I had these weird, long lost feelings of a kind of guilt. Like I had done something really naughty. Col looked over at us and I saw a very brief twinkle of something in his eye. He wasn’t stupid!

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        1. Sex is as important to me as air or food. It has gone beyond the realms of addiction…

            1. Well, sometimes eating and fucking at the same time can be fun too… Its amazing how good certain foods taste when eaten out of a hot hole or off a pre cum dripping cock….

                1. But of all things my most top one has to be felching. Arse and cum are made for each other.. The taste of the two together are fucking immense! Thats my favourite food group!

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