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Story via Randy Raw Man

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Later that night, I got an e-mail from the address Seed2Swap@gmail. The subject line read, “Once you open this, Randy, you can’t unopen it.” I take a deep breath and open it.

Dear Randy,

I can tell you’ve got what it takes to be a hardcore breeding stud…but it’s not going to happen overnight. The Shudder party is in two weeks and I want to make sure you’re primed and ready. Meet me at this address tomorrow night at 10 PM

6969 Wood Dr. LA

It’ll just be me so don’t freak out. But wear something that shows off that amazing ass.


Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads

The next night, I spend a full two hours getting ready to meet Angel. I showered, trimmed, cleaned out my hole, tried on a bunch of different outfits, settling on the nylon Adidas sweatpants I know my ass looks good in. Underneath were a pair of assless Addicted briefs I bought online but hadn’t worn because I had been saving them for a special occasion. I think that was it.

The address was in an industrial section of downtown. It was a warehouse space but looked totally deserted. I was about to drive away when Angel emerged from the door, in ratty jeans and a tight T that read I Don’t Pull Out.

“Park anywhere,” he says.

I got out of my car and met Angel in the doorway. I read his shirt, then start to give him a hug. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a deep kiss, slipping his hand down the back of my pants and putting a finger up against my hole.

“Nice shirt,” I said.

“Nice hole,” he replied.

He grabbed my hand and shoved it down the back of his jeans until I found his hole. He moaned. “It’s wet,” I said.

“Blame my cable guy,” he said. “He was hot and horny and I wanted free HBO.”

I pulled my hand from Angel’s ass. The jizz on my fingers caught the light. He shoved my hand to my mouth. “Taste,” he said. I did. And then he kissed me.

“Did you cum, too?” I ask.

“I could have but I was saving my load for you,” said Angel.

That was exactly what I wanted him to say but when he did, my heart nearly stopped. He lead me to a spot in the center of the empty warehouse where a lone dirty mattress was on the floor.

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“This is where Shudder happens,” he said. “I wanted you to get a feel for what it’s like for when you daydream about it, which I know you’re already doing. Of course, on the night of the party, it’s darker, there are some fuckbenches and slings set up, more mattresses, glory hole walls…”

“Pounding music?” I asked.

“No, no music,” says Angel, coming up behind me and grinding his crotch against my nylon-covered ass. “The guys who come to Shudder know that a big part of the turn on is the sounds; cum-filled balls slapping against tight musclebutts, studs moaning in pleasure and pain as they get their guts reamed, saying, ‘Breed me, fucker! Breed my ass!’ Hot tops moaning in ecstasy as they ask their bottoms if they’re ready for their hot loads. Studs cheering each other on, shouting, ‘Cum in him, fucker. Breed that boy! Seed his guts! He needs it! Ugggghhhhhhhh.’ I’m telling you, Randy, at the peak of the party, it sounds like there’s a fuckstud getting bred every five seconds.”

I got weak-kneed at the thought and nearly passed out, but Angel was there to catch me. He helped me kneel on the mattress, then knelt with me and started kissing me. “I can’t even imagine how many loads have gone into asses in this place since we started a year ago,” he said, puling off my shirt. “The smell of the place alone is enough to make you cum.” With that he pushed my face into the cum-stained mattress. “Name a favorite porn star, Randy.”

“What? Why?”

“Just name one and I’ll tell you if he’s fucked on this mattress.”

“Chad Brock,” I say.

“Yes,” says Angel, pushing my crotch into the mattress.

“Matt Sizemore,” I say.

“Many times,” said Angel. “In fact we fucked each other on this mattress. I remember him pulling out of me and asking me to spit his load back out of my ass. If you lick the mattress, you’ll get a little of it.”

He pushed my head down and watched as I lick. While Angel peeled down my sweatpants, I listed more of my favorite on screen barebackers; Brad McGuire, Sage Daniels, Dominic Ryder, Jack Allen, Will West, Damien Silver, Chris Kohl, Morgan Black, Sean Storm, Dawson, Drew Sebastian, Kamrun, Damon Dogg, Lito Cruz, Jake Wetmore…with each name, he groaned a yes if they’ve fucked here or a no if they hadn’t. There were way more yesses than nos. “If you’re a hot guy who lives to breed and you live within a few hours, you’ve swapped loads here.”

Angel flipped me on my back and pulled my sweats all the way off. My rockhard 7-inch cock snapped up on my belly. It was already leaking pre-cum. “That’s a pretty dick, Randy,” said Angel. “I knew you’d have a pretty dick.”

“Thank you,” I said, smiling.

“When was the last time you took a dick in your ass?” asked Angel. I don’t answer. “You can tell me the truth, Randy. I like you. I think you’re sexy. I’ve got a load with your name on it churning in my balls right now. I’m not going to think less of you no matter what you say.”

“It’s been over 12 years,” I said, sheepishly. “I told you my ex didn’t like fucking. There was a guy I saw briefly before then and we only fucked and handful of times, but always with condoms.”

“With what?” Angel asks, circling my hole with his finger.

“Condoms,” I say.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said with an evil laugh.

I laughed, too. “So I’ve never bred anyone before,” I admitted. “Or been bred, for that matter.”

“But it’s all you think about?” he said.

“Yes,” I said.

“From the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep?”


“Well, the good news is, before you leave this building, you will have done both at least once. How do you feel about that?”

“Freaked out,” I said. “But good. I feel good.”

“Good, because there’s no going back,” he said.

In one fluid moment, he stood up, unzipped his jeans and shoved his cock in my mouth. It tasted so fucking good. He pulled the back of my head down on it. I felt like I might gag at first but then I got used to it, and before long, he was fucking my face.

“You do that well, Randy,” he said. “My cock really likes being in your body. Keep sucking.” While I got used to his cock, he rubbed his hands through my hair. “All those years you were shooting your cum into the air, into a wad of toilet paper, onto your stomach. What a waste.”

“I don’t want to do that anymore,” I said, pulling off his cock.

“I know you don’t,” he said. “I could see that in your eyes when you walked into my computer store.”

Angel pushed me on my back on the mattress and climbed on top of me in a 69 position. He went up and down on my throbbing cock, making me groan in ecstasy, but then pulled off. “Don’t you dare cum in my mouth, fucker.” Then he dove down and sticks his tongue in my hole. “Use lots of spit on my cock, Randy,” he said. “Get it wet for your hole.”

Randy climbed off me, stripped off the rest of my clothes and looked down at me. I’m laying naked on a mattress that literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of men have bred on. He pulled a packet of lube out of his jeans, then shucked them off completely.

“I’m going to take off my shirt now, Randy, but I first, I want to make sure you have read what it says,” he says.

“I got it,” I said.

The part of me that was watching this scene from outside my body couldn’t believe that this was happening, that I was mustering the courage to live out the  fantasies I had kept buried deep inside for so many years.

“It’s time, Randy,” said Angel, standing above me fully naked, lubing up his giant hardon. “Here’s what’s going to happen: I’m going to stick my fuckstick in your tight asshole. It might take a while. It might hurt. I won’t be brutal but I’m not going to stop until I’m balls deep in your hot ass.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Close your eyes. It’s going to hurt at first, but keep breathing.”

I felt his mushroom head press against my hole. I started to squirm, tossing my head from side to side. “That’s fine, Randy,” he said, “Squirm all you want. But when you turn your head from side to side, just imagine you’re at Shudder and there are hard cocks plunging into hungry asses everywhere you look. Hot studs are shuddering all around you, and they’re shuddering because they’re doing when men were born to do, dropping their steaming hot loads into holes that are literally sucking it out of them.”

“Oh God,” I moaned, my eyes rolling back in my head.

“I’m almost in, Randy,” said Angel. “Just five more inches.”

“That’s not almost,” I said, laughing through my pain.

“Make that four,” said Angel laughing with me.

I breathed deeply as I could, trying to get used to having a dick up there for the first time in twelve years.

“I have a problem, Randy,” said Angel. “You’re too fucking sexy, and I don’t want to cum without getting all the way in and really pounding you…so I’m just going to shove the rest of it in….now!”

“Unnnnngghhhh!” I screamed, almost blacking out.

“Breathe, fucker,” whispered Angel, putting his mouth right up to my ear. “I’m all the way in you now. Balls fucking deep. How does that—“

“Fuck me, Angel!” I gasped. “I’m ready. Fuck me and don’t stop until you shoot your cum inside my ass!”

“You got it, fucker,” he said, and started deepdicking me in earnest. At first, he fucked me in missionary, then he turned me on my side without ever taking his cock out of my ass. “Oh fuck, you’re so fucking tight, Randy. Your ass is like velvet, man. You’re going to get my load soon and it’s going to be so fucking huge you’re going to taste it in the back of your throat.”

Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads

“I’m ready, Angel,” I said.

He flipped me back onto my back, picked up his pace and leaned into me, looking me in the eye.

“I’m ready,” I said. “I’m ready to be like you, Angel. Seed my hole!”

“Oh, you’re going to get my seed, fucker,” he said, panting. “You were gonna get it even if you didn’t want it. But I know you want it. I knew it the second I saw you.”

“Cum in my ass, Angel,” I said. “Make me yours. Flood my guts!”

“Oh God, I’m cumming, Randy. I’m cumming in your hole!”

“Breed me, fucker! Breed my ass!”

“Unghh! Unghh!”

“Oh fuck, I feel it. I’m getting your cum. This is fucking happening! A hot stud is breeding my ass. Oh my God. Oh my God.”

“Unghh! Unghh! Unghh! Unghh! Unghh! Unghh!”

Each “Unghh!” represented a rope of manseed that was shooting into my guts, sealing me forever to this man, this man who could see what I needed and was thoughtful enough to give it to me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” gasped Angel, trying to get his breath back.

He collapsed on top of me, keeping his dick inside my ass. I used my ass muscles to milk out every drop I could. “Great muscle control,” he said. “You’re going to be very popular at Shudder once the word gets out about you.”

Without pulling out of me, Angel reached to his jeans, pulled out his camera-phone and turned it on. “Keep that exact same look on your face, Randy,” he told me. “That freshly-fucked, ‘my life just changed forever’ look.” I did as he said. He pointed the camera at my blissful face then panned down my body. He pointed the camera at his dick as it slithered out of my cum-soaked hole. He kept the camera on my hole after he pulled out. “Keep me inside you. I want you to take my cum home with you, Randy, to eat later,” he said.

“Like a doggie bag?” I said, laughing.

“Exactly,” he laughed. “But I shot a ton so let some of it out on the mattress to commemorate your first breeding, right here on this spot where so many balls have been drained and holes have been bred.”

“Is it coming out?” I asked, trying to relax my ass muscles.

“No,” said Angel still using the camera. “Wait, there it is. Fuck, man. It’s so white and thick. You’re going to cream when you see this video.”

Angel rubbed the glob of cum into the mattress, tossed the phone aside, then leaned in and licked the wet spot. He crawled back up my body and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I groaned as I tasted the hot, sweet cum on his lips and tongue.

“Is this what it’s like at Shudder?” I asked.

“Kind of,” he said. “Only at Shudder you would have had a dick in your mouth while I was breeding you and we would have gotten a standing ovation.”

He cradled my balls in his hands and says, “You ready to empty these in my guts?”

The experience of getting bred by my fantasy man was so intense I almost forgot there was a part two. “Yes,” I said, getting up on my knees.

I grabbed the packet Angel used then spread all the lube that’s left on my throbbing cock. “There’s not a lot of lube left,” I said.

“It’s okay,” said Angel. “I’ve still got the cable guy’s load in there. First time breeding and you’re going to get to fuck in another stud’s load. Stick your cock in in one stroke, Randy. You won’t believe how good it’s going to feel.”

I lined my hard, raw prick up at his asshole. Looking down, I realized, I had never seen my cock touch an asshole without a layer of latex. The thought was intoxicating.

“This is what it’s about, isn’t it?” I said.

“What what’s about?” Angel asked.

“Life,” I say, and I plunged in to the hilt. “Aaaaaagghhhhhh!”

“Fuck, Randy, that feels so good,” he said. “Fuck me. Fuck me, Randy, and add to the load that’s already in there.”

“I’m not going to last long, baby,” I said. “I’m going to knock up that fucking cunt of yours, Angel.”

“And after that, there’s no turning back, stud,” said Angel. “You know that, right, Randy?”

“I know it,” I gasped.

“You’re going to think about breeding boy butt even more than you already do,” he teased.

“I know.”

“It’s going to be on your mind all the time; when you’re at work, when you’re at the gym, when you’re asleep…”

“I know.”

“Fuck, your cock feels incredible,” he said. “You’re a natural, Randy. You were born to be a barebacker, born to take seed and born to give it…”

“I was,” I said, hitting the point of no return. “It’s my destiny.”

“Then give it to me, Randy! Cum in my ass! Breed my fuckhole!”

“You want this cum?” I said. “You want this stud’s load?”

“You know I do,” Angel admitted. “I’ve wanted it since Day Fucking One. Cum in my ass!”

“Here it cums, fucker!” I bellowed. “Take. My. Fucking. Spunk! Ungh. Ungh. Ungh. Ungh.”

“Fill me up, baby!” he cried. “Give me that hot seed!”

The jets kept coming and coming so I yanked my spurting cock out of Angel’s ass and pointed it down toward the cum-stained mattress, adding a few ropes of Randyseed to the legacy of this incredible fuck emporium. Then I shoved it right back into Angel’s wet hole.

“I can feel it,” he said. “It’s so fucking hot and wet.”

I collapsed on top of Angel. “Holy shit, that was hot,” I said.

“That was amazing, Randy,” said Angel. “I would have never known you weren’t that experienced. You have it in you to be a real bareback fuckstud, Randy, if you want to. You just need someone to help you along.”

“Are you applying for the job?” I asked.

Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads

Angel dipped a finger into his ass, pulled out a wad of my cum and brought it to his mouth. He nodded yes. “Now, let’s kiss on it.” He kissed me with a mouth full of my own cum.

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