HDK: Gimme Your Cum Scene 1

bareback breeding on HDK

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Self-servicing Diego tugs away until he gets a better offer. In walks Gastonix with a cock that could service a team. No “hola” needed here, just a “hole-a” for Gastonix to put that huge cock. Rimming Diego is part of the prep and both enjoy the sensation, right before the top slides in deep. Pounding from the get go, this “pitcher and catcher team” is a hot fuck and one of HDKRAW.com’s best. Pulling out, the top needs to blow a load and does so all over the bottom’s back; he then feeds Diego the jizz and gets back to pounding.

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Still hard, the top goes back in for seconds. From below, the action is as tight as it gets. The guys then change to a missionary position on a nearby table and all they keep saying is “yes,” as Diego begs for more cum. With the top’s balls slapping happily, the bottom takes him all in. Telling Diego to “sit on it,” Gastonix sits as the boy slides down and bounces; he slaps himself a few times to stay on task. Moaning, the top is close again; one more position, and Gastonix pulls out to “sweeten” Diego’s hole. With a tasty treat, Diego also “candy-coats” Gastonix’s face.

bareback breeding on HDK

Too See The Entire Scene Check Out HDK Here! 


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