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Well late this morning I found myself free and suddenly on a4a I had two almost simultaneous messages. The first was from a Latin guy who I’ve noticed for months and who has checked out my profile. Last week he came on to me but it wasn’t convenient. My caution vibe was on (lots of tattoos and a muscle man) but he gave me his phone number and shared that he is married, and that his wife and two kids were out for the day. He was upfront about where he lives, and shared that he and his wife now have a “marriage blanc.” So, cognitive dissonance kicked in and I thought he might be okay some time.

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

A second message came from a 23 year old who came on to me earlier in the week; pretty aggressive and asked if “daddy wants some boy hole.” Well Daddy does, but usually my caution vibe kicks in when I am approached like that. This morning, however, I was incredibly horny so I gave him some serious consideration. We exchanged pics, but he only sent a torso pic, and then ignored me when I asked if he had a face pic to trade. Then there was an interim of about 10 minutes when he didn’t open my last message (after he’d responded immediately to the others.) I wrote “hope you find what you are looking for: happy hunting” and then got a message that he could host and was ready. However, he started asking me how I liked to fuck, wrote back other questions and it was evident he was (is) a flake.

During the meantime I kept communicating with the Latin guy (Nicaraguan) who asked me to call him. I decided to head over there: he asked me to hold off for 30 minutes so that he could clean out. I wrote the kid-flake I was busy but might be free later. He’s still on a4a but not opening my message (I am imagining he’s jerking off while stringing guys along: whatever gets you through the day dude.)

So I headed to the Latin guy’s place. He met me outside and I followed up to his apartment. He has an amazing body and I could tell it was a great ass as I was following him up the stairs and I was growing pretty hard.

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

We got into his apartment and he wanted to get down to business immediately. I asked him if he kissed and he looked at me like I was crazy. I thought, okay, this isn’t going to be passionate sex. He’s a short guy (5′ 7″) and ridiculously muscled; probably -15% body fat; you could bounce a quarter off him. And, an amazingly big uncut cock that was drooling precum. I knelt down to suck it and then he wanted to get into face fucking me (which I hate: I like to give a long blow job, but I like the guy to be lying back.) He went to start sucking mine and Finally I insisted we get on the bed so that I could suck it. user He was lying back and I was working it, but I kept thinking how much better this could be if we were making out and going back and forth. The guy has dense hair in his pits and I would have loved to have gotten into eating them out: I did the math though and concluded this was going to be a suck and maybe fuck session and little more.

I started to suck his balls and tried to go down to his ass, but he didn’t get the message to lift his legs. Finally I told him to roll over and started to eat his ass. He as pretty tight and kept trying to clench his ass cheeks and spincter. He finally started to relax and I got into some serious ass eating. He wanted to suck me some more and I positioned him so I could eat his ass while he sucked my cock. I went back to his cock a couple of times because it was dripping and I love precum. I had him lying on his stomach and rubbed my cock up and down his crack; he grabbed it with his hard hand and positioned it outside his hole; I figured that it was so that it wouldn’t go in. Finally he said get up and he stood on a step stool and pushed back against my cock and it went in (it was weird, when I arrived he first insisted on standing on a stool while I sucked him.) I pulled out and asked if we could do it on the bed; he wanted to stand but got off the stool and I pushed into him again. A TIGHT hole and the guy knows how to clench. However, he pulled off and insisted I lean against the wall and pushed back until I penetrated him. He definitely is a power bottom and wanted to control the moves. It felt great and I could feel my load rising; I kept telling him that he was going to make me cum and he kept pushing back harder. I am not crazy about fucking while standing so I decided to let go. He loved it when he felt me cumming and squeezed my cock with his guts really hard and kept fucking himself with it till I pulled out.

Well, there was no afterglow. He’s a nice guy but he asked if I wanted to clean up. I mentioned he hand’t gotten off (frankly I’d have liked to swallow his load) but he said it didn’t matter, and the situation was one I wanted to wrap up. He graciously showed me out (he put on his jock, a tee shirt, a baseball cap, and black leather ankle boots to show me to the door) It was odd, but I wasn’t creeped out.

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

As I left I figured this guy is a bottom who needs to be in control of the show in order to feel macho. Well I got off; he got his ass bred, and I guess we both got something that we wanted.


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