I AM: Adam Hunter

Re-introducing the newest old addition to the Treasure Island Media family, our marketing manager Adam Hunter.

Treasure Island Media, I AM, Adam Hunter

Julian Marks: Hi Adam!

Adam Hunter: Hi Julian!

JM: How are you doing?

AH: Good, good. Let’s get started.

JM: Hah, okay. Tell me a little about yourself.

AH: Well, my name is Adam. I’m 28 years old. I was born in San Francisco outside of Folsom Gulch; my mom and dad were barebackers. My dad had a giant porn collection in a treasure chest, which I used to break open all the time. I guess that’s when my passion for porn began. I went to school in Miami for motion pictures and psychology. I graduated early, and I’ve been working in the film industry ever since!

JM: In what capacity?

AH: As everything! A producer, casting director, editor, cameraman; I’m a jack of all trades, trying to master it all.

JM: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

AH: A protein shake with Raisin Bran and for second breakfast I had a hot buttered bagel.

JM: What do you do for fun?

AH: I like music, sex, and movies. I actually watch a lot of movies. I like to look at boys and to chase.

JM: But not catch?

AH: Haha! I catch what I like and throw back the rest.

JM: What sort of music do you listen to?

AH: I DJ a lot of house. But I listen to Classical, Top 40, Blues; it’s a pretty wide spectrum.

JM: What do you find sexy in a man?

AH: Everything! Um, I really like dark features, long eyelashes, big arms, big butts (and I cannot lie!). I really like hair on men and man smells. Confidence in men is such a turn on for me. Matthew Camp is a really good example.

I have found that I get super into guys who look like they would be big brutal tops but turn out to be big power bottoms.

JM: What’s a turn off?

AH: Teeth on my dick!

I really don’t like over groomed eyebrows, haha. It does nothing for me. But that’s it! I’m easy.

JM: Did you ever think that you would be working at a porn studio?

AH: Actually, yes, I did; I just always thought that I would be on the other side of the camera.

JM: Why aren’t you?

AH: My mom. I’m kidding! I don’t really know why. I’m still trying to figure that out.

JM: What is your favorite TIM scene?

AH: I would say the last scene I shot last year, So You Wanna Be a Cumdump. It was one of the hottest sex scenes I’ve never participated in.

Treasure Island Media, I AM, Adam Hunter

JM: How do you prefer to meet the guys you hookup with?

AH: Quickly! I pretty much exclusively use location based apps. It’s just easier.

JM: You just started on Truvada for PrEP. How has it been so far?

AH: Everything has been great. I haven’t had any side effects, and it has really encouraged me to speak out about it. Since I’ve started on it, I’ve felt a level of safety that I’ve never felt before.

JM: There’s a lot of shaming in the gay community about PrEP, why do you think that is?

AH: It’s slut shaming, pure and simple, and what it comes down to is a lack of knowledge. People don’t understand it, and so they react in fear. I understand that there’s also some hesitation in taking HIV medication, but if there’s this drug that has a high efficacy rate in protecting against HIV, why wouldn’t you learn as much as possible and decide for yourself if it’s right for you?

The ones who are on this for our own good are the wise ones. I take responsibility for myself because no one else can. I choose to bareback, and this drug is highly beneficial for me.

JM: Has it changed the way you have sex?

AH: I’m not having any more sex than I was before, but, you know, I was having a lot of sex to begin with haha. I’m thankful I’ve made it this far. Now there’s this drug that can help keep me healthy. I choose to take it.

JM: How did you hear about it?

AH: I am participating in a study for a HIV vaccine. Participating in that opened my eyes to the array of tools available to us that go beyond the condom law. PrEP isn’t a party drug, it’s not a sex drug. For me it’s more like taking my vitamin in the morning. It’s like the Pill.

JM: Do you have a porn crush?

AH: Of the ones I haven’t slept with? He’s not a porn star, but I had lunch with Matthew Camp a few weeks ago, and whoa.

I would absolutely fuck Sean Zevran.

JM: When did barebacking really become part of your life?

AH: It happened from time to time throughout my dating life, but it really took with my third boyfriend. We never used condoms and we were together for three years. At the time barebacking was still way underground and really taboo, so I got a lot of excitement from that. I learned that condoms suck, and I derive more pleasure from raw fucking. When I left that relationship I just couldn’t go back to condoms in my sex life.

Now, maybe it’s because of where I live or the men I seek out, it’s almost impossible to find men who want me to wear a condom. Haha, and actually, the ones who want me to wear a condom, they look at my cock and I guess they just want to really feel it inside them.

Treasure Island Media, I AM, Adam Hunter

JM: What’s the hardest part of your job?

AH: My cock. I’m not even trying to be funny. I’m constantly trying to remember I’m at work when I’m staring at porn for eight hours a day!

  1. Is he going to have a social media presence like Mitch did? I want to hear about his daily life with TIM.

    1. Thanks Kent! Looking forward to being back and sharing more of my NYC Adventures. >;)

    2. I want to see and hear more. THese photos of you are fabulous! The Tim jock is so hot!

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