BritPig 2.3: Trucks, skinheads and a big pool of piss

Britpig Bruce Jordan

Welcome back. After a week of rest I am finally able to fill you in on he details of my fetish week weekend. My role as casting director for Liam can sometimes leave me with feelings of jealousy. I throw the hottest guys together in the hottest locations week after week and my hole drools and twitches with excitement every time! But to mark me getting my TIM tattoo Liam insisted that I have my own scene. As the casting guy it was then up to me to figure out what exactly that scene would be.

My jobs have varied before I became the TIM London office Pig, one of those being a truck driver for a construction materials supply company. If I was to make a Tim scene then a truck would have involved somehow. When I suggested it to Liam I could see that he could barely contain his excitement too! This Friday just gone was the day of the shoot and without giving too much away, all I can say is that I could barely walk at the end of the shoot and that my ass was totally trashed; I was the sole bottom to a group of seven horny pigs and daddies! Let’s just say, my cunt was utterly flooded with cum!

The following day was the main day of London fetish week so in the afternoon we kitted up and headed to the skin head meet at The Eagle. This turned out to be more of a social meet than anything else but it was great to see the puppy in a busy social situation as he is normally painfully shy. I also got to face fuck a piss pig at the urinals whilst spraying a jet of gold down his throat at the same time… Human toilets are always the most satisfying to use!

That evening it was the Recon Full Fetish main event. It turned out to be a hot night but there was no way I was reneging on my chosen rubber ensemble for the night, besides, I could afford to lose a little weight from all the sweat i’d shed! My ass was still tender from the previous days shoot but I knew the cum hungry greedy pig in me wouldn’t allow such trivialities to keep me from bouncing on a cock or two. However, I wanted a balanced and social evening and full fetish was just the night to give a discerning player a slice of whatever pie he would want a bite of.

Amazingly, Recon had given the Huspig and I VIP passes so we had access to the VIP area. Pup Rufus was quick to find us and like a good puppy gave us a tour of what was on offer, leaving us in the VIP lounge and skipping off for an appointment with a leather daddy and a flogger. In the middle of the lounge there was a spinning podium upon which were some of the hottest models I think I have ever laid eyes on. What kind of took me by surprise was that I was quickly mesmerised and totally getting off; my voyeuristic side kicking in like never before; my cock growing hard in my jock. Soon enough the Huspig returned with some drinks, finding me gawping like a pubescent lad ogling his first wank magazine and, looking bemused, lead me back to the main outdoor area.

After a cigarette and a brief tour around the swelteringly hot fuck room I felt a thirst for some piss come on and suggested a dip in the piss pit. Lining the edge of the pit were several guys, knelt down and being hosed down by a steady stream golden drink from a queue of guys with full bladders. It wasn’t long before I joined them and assumed position; down on my knees, back arched, neck craned and mouth open. The competition was pretty fierce, the other piss subs were clambering to get to fresh gushes. I found however that my filthy neighbour was playful and we filled our mouths and passed the drink back and forth to each other, spraying it into the others face and over our chests. The feeling of hot liquid running through my ass crack and saturating my jock got my cock rock hard and I started to play with my piss buddies puckered hole, fingering piss into him as it trickled down his back towards his arse. I played until I couldn’t physically drink any more and, with a loud belch and a gleeful look from the Huspig who had been playing over the other side of the pit we decided it was time to go dry off a bit and have a dance.

biohazard tattoo bareback Treasure Island Media

By four AM we had played and danced enough and I was holding onto several loads up my guts for some felchy after-play when we got back. Sunday turned into a lazy but playful day, recouping our energies for what lay ahead on Monday. Puppy was booked in for his tattoo at the Happy Sailor on Shoreditch and though I knew what it was going to be nothing could have prepared me for how awesome it turned out looking! He has had possibly the biggest BioHazard head tattoo’s I have yet to see, but i’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

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