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The way things are going in the West, what with medical technology advancing the way it is, HIV seems set to become a virus which will die out with those infected. Undetectable viral loads, coupled with the rise of guys on Truvada as a preventative measure kind of puts in place a culture of sexual promiscuity, as possibly never seen since before the virus first decimated the gay population back in the 80’s and 90’s. The consequences of fucking around bareback no longer seem to be as harsh, stigmatised or final as they were in decades past. Less side effects, better health care and normal life expectancy. With this being the case, I am still surprised by the amount of bug chasing still happening in the gay community. Don’t get me wrong here, I chased HIV myself but I thought the phenomena was something which was slowly dying out itself. Is the very fact of being poz still enough of a lure to encourage such activities? Being a member of the poz community, poz solidarity and for some of my friends, poz pride.

Neg boys begging for poz loads seem to be a growing group but I cant be sure if this is now becoming a superficial sub fetish or not. The actual risk of acquiring HIV must now be dropping off due to increased testing and medical interventions but there are always the “untested” guys who are still spreading the virus under the delusion of their own perceived negativity, or just sheer ignorance.

Bruce Jordan Britpig

Of course, I think Miss Tina has a lot to answer for as she totally changes how we classify our risk and blurs the lines between what is horny and what is foolhardy. I mean, as horny and twisted as it sounds on paper, to actually get fucked by a loaded gun (actual gun, not a poz cock I might add) for example must mean you have completely eliminated all risk management from your play schedule! I don’t know any other drug capable of dropping somebodies judgement so effectively. Maybe this is why she is so prolific on the scene these days and maybe she has a lot to answer for when it comes to neg guys craving their poz loads and conversion parties. Guys love to let go and Tina certainly opens all the boxes!

So where is all this leading me on this weeks blog entry? I recently went to Hardon, a sleazy club night in South London. It was to be the first time I would be going by myself since I lived in London as the Huspig would be there in a working capacity and my other buddies were either out the country or at other events going on that night. I’m not a fan of going clubbing by myself so I invited a chap I had been chatting with on Scruff. It was to be his first time at Hardon. It was also not until he arrived at mine that I discovered he was also Negative and very vocal about how many poz loads he was hoping to get in him. I explained I was on meds and had been undetectable for 4 years. This didn’t seem to be of any consequence. It wasn’t HIV that he wanted, he just wanted to know the load was from a poz guy. A nostalgic feeling of my own chasing days stirred. I myself had had similar feelings of getting off on just knowing it was a poz load filling my ass.

On arriving at the club I said hello to the Huspig before taking my buddy on a quick tour of what Hardon had to offer. It wasn’t long though before I was on my knees sucking cock and drinking piss and before I knew it I had lost sight of him in the dimly lit mass of sweaty bodies. Eventually I managed to find him again, my ass wet with cum and lube. He had a look of disappointment and explained how he had not managed to get a load yet. I explained that the night was young and that most guys, of those capable of cumming, liked to hold onto their load until later on in the night.

We continued like this, rejoining periodically to check in and update each other on what we had been getting up to. He was easier to find in the dark as he had a pair of white adidas shorts on. I was having a monumentous night in the slings, on the fuck beds, in the glory hole rooms. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a lot of guys were playing vers so I had been flip fucking majority of the evening. He didn’t seem to be having as much luck and was increasingly showing signs of frustration. I tried to get him to relax a bit and explained that in a place like this, nervousness can come across as stand-offishness. I didn’t see him then for some time.

Bruce Jordan Britpig Hardon Sex Club UK

As the night was drawing on I could feel my batteries were starting to fade a little so after a bottle of Lucozade I went off to find a nice ass to dump my load into. Up in the top fuck room I was having fun with a couple of buddies I had not seen in ages. I remember looking over at the fuck bed and there was a damn tasty looking hairy ass bent over to face me. It looked, smelt and tasted amazing and it wasn’t long before I was pounding the shit out of it. The arse’s owner never once looked around as I fucked him harder but I heard him moan and gasp as I shot my load deep. It was only then that he looked around. It was my buddy I had brought with me! The grin on his face was huge. Somehow he had managed to ditch the white shorts and so I had been none the wiser it was him, but fuck me he had a damn fine ass!

Later on as we were leaving the club my thoughts turned to the moral dilemma of what had just happened. Had that been an example of bug chasing or was it just two guys having a consensual fuck? The end result had been two happy pigs. I couldn’t however resist commenting as we got in a taxi

“Looks like you got your poz load after all.”

He was still smiling when we left the taxi at the other end.

  1. Hey Seaguy. There are many reasons for bug chasing: Be that self harm, sexual fetish or mental health problems or as you put it.. to get it over and done with. But not everybody goes down the “chasing” route fully understanding their own motives.

  2. There are still guys out there many of them younger who are chasing the bug and the oft cited reason is they only have bareback sex so they know they are going to get it so they just want to get it over with. I still fail to see the login in that. Why not just go on barebacking but don’t chase and see how long it takes to get it. That way when you do the period that you remained negative may have resulted in further medical advances making life with HIV even easier to manage with medication than ever before. To me when you chase it is like you’re giving up without a fight and that is stupid.

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