Michael Lucas, Zionist, Vacations in Israel While Bombs Fall in Gaza

Michael Lucas on Vacay in Israel

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it is impossible to ignore the most current aggressive retaliation by Israel against the Gaza Strip in which one recent death toll has reached 1,865. Controversial gay pornography big shot Michael Lucas has decided to show his support as zionist by taking a vacation with plenty of duck-faced selfies of his stay at a boutique hotel, going dancing, dining for Shabbat dinner with friends, and spending plenty of money.

In addition to his social media documentation, Lucas also plans to write an article for the gay news publication The Advocate, explaining his decision to travel to Israel at the height of a war and shooting down critics who have accused Israel of human rights abuses during the nearly month-long military campaign in the Gaza Strip. Many have out Lucas on his Islamophobic rants.

He has stated in The Times of Israel that “I’m sure people will comment on my article and say, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re having fun in Israel while babies are dying, you’re going dancing while Israel murders, whatever. They will say what they want and I will explain very clearly how Israel was well-prepared with the Iron Dome for this, and that this whole idea of proportionate response is ridiculous,” Lucas says. “Whatever they say, I don’t care. My thoughts are always with Israel.”  He has also stated “I think I contributed to Israeli tourism,” he says. “I think they should put a monument to me somewhere.” here.

Michael Lucas has always been a staunch supporter of Israel. The Russian Jew, who was born Andrei Lvovich Trelvas holds Israeli citizenship and is the filmmaker not only of “Men of Israel,” the first-ever adult film with an all-gay cast, but also of “Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land,” a documentary boasting Israel’s gay-friendly culture.

What do you think? Should the Israeli government construct a national monument to Lucas for promoting his vacation?


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