Korrupt Label Brings Edgy DIY Punk Fashion to TIMGear

Henry Miyoshi of Korrupt Label
Henry Miyoshi of Korrupt Label

TIMGear, a subdivision of Treasure Island Media, has taken on West Oakland-based punk clothing label Korrupt Label, in order to continue promoting gay artists via the recently launched TIMGear.com web store.

Korrupt Label, owned and operated by queercore designer Henry Miyoshi, got its start when the budding artist began selling punk rock patches and designing poster prints for punk bands in LA. Miyoshi’s highly deconstructed, detailed T-shirts and hoodies— layered with text, images and patches inspired by vintage propaganda—represent a DIY ethos of artistry that stands apart from the rest.

Korrupt Label Patches
Korrupt Label Patches

The Korrupt Label brand boasts appeal to a diverse audience, but Miyoshi professes his love of vending at street fairs that specifically cater to the gay community, such as the Castro Street Fair, Up Your Alley, and the annual celebration of kink, Folsom Street Fair. While the screen-printing artist is a long-time California resident, he traces his roots back to Thailand, which can be observed in the inclusion of exotic insect imagery in his clothing line.

“Korrupt Label’s edgy designs speak to the BDSM crowd and the punk-rock grittiness draws on the old-school, San Francisco queercore scene,” Miyoshi says of his target demographic. “My clothing taps into that market because of the influences I was exposed to in the LA punk scene alongside my favorite fashion icons including Vivian Westwood and Alexander McQueen. I’m all about coming together with other queer punk boys.”

Korrupt’s offerings include a wide variety of stylized tee shirts, hoodies, and patches, all created by hand by the artist. Patches on Miyoshi’s unique clothing include imagery of animals, skulls, vials of poison, and nods to vintage revolutionary, militaristic and Russian propaganda. Selected Korrupt label items on tim-gear.com

include the one-of-a-kind Sinister custom hoodie, as well as a selection of stylized T-shirts. Each design is original and every patch, shirt, and hoodie is hand screened, hand dyed, hand sewn, and one of a kind. While other brands on tim-gear.com target the neon-infused circuit party crowd, Korrupt Label will surely appeal to men who prefer the rough and dark side of life and sexuality.

The new venture opens the rapidly-expanding TIM brand out of porn and into a wider audience, previously untapped by the independent and controversial producer of all-male entertainment. TIM men are synonymous with rugged masculinity and a libertine attitude in their pursuit of pleasure; TIMGear celebrates and reinforces that attitude. Korrupt Label reflects a similar expression of personal freedom, and is a perfect compliment to the celebration of the growing TIMGear brand.

Check it out at tim-gear.com

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