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Lukas Cipriani Treasure Island Media
Check Out Lukas Cipriani in Max Sohl’s BONER

Lukas Cipriani is a 27-year-old  energetic hipster slut who has been making the rounds here at TIM as a cumdump bottom. He describes himself as a “bottom who can dick without a bunch of whining and a big smile on his face.” Lukas recently starred in Max Sohl’s BONER and also took Erik Grant’s massive dick on TIMFuck to the delight of TIM fans. Read more about this happy cumdump below and see for yourself why you’ll be seeing more of this stud in many shoots to come!

TIM: You’ve been shooting with TIM for a little while now, what made you get started? What was the audition process like?

Lukas Cipriani: I have always said I only wanted to even think about getting started with porn if it could be TIM. I have been a fan since I bought my first DVD at a gay bookstore when I was 18. It literally took my breath! I had to sit down because it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

Lukas Cipriani Treasure Island Media

And I reached a point in my life where I could do porn from a clear mindset, sober, and without damage to other areas of my life. If a person is lucky enough to have circumstances like that, and they like to show off for people? Then those are the ones who should do porn, I’d say. So I reached out online to put in an application after Antonio Biaggi recommended me and set up a skype interview with Nate (who I love!) and Max – and they were awesome. We talked about all of the cumdump possibilities and I let them know I was willing and able. They were looking for a bottom who could take dick without a bunch of whining and with a big smile on his face. And in that? They found me.

TIM: You’ve been featured as a bottom with Erik Grant on TIMFuck, are you a bottom in real life or are you versatile? What’s it like to fuck Erik?

Lukas: I am mostly bottom, yeah. Its about once a year I will feel like topping and I cannot be stopped. When I DO top I am a bully and I get incredibly dominant. I think I will most likely be topping way more now that I’ve recently gotten my dick pierced, and if/when that day comes you can start lining up the little Latin boys with those sweet asses.

But all other times of the year my back is arched and I am here to please my top until he rewards me with a cummy jackhammer pounding.

Erik was awesome. He and I are similar in that he knows the value of a good, solid pounding. He is the kind of guy who can’t help but hold onto your hair when he is shoving his balls against your hole. And I’m the kind of bottom who says ‘thank you’ for that.

Lukas Cipriani and Erik Grant TIMFuck
Lukas Cipriani and Erik Grant on TIMFuck

TIM: Who’s your current porn crush and why? If we could pair you with any TIM Stud who would it be?

Lukas: I’ve always had a thing for Lito Cruz. I mean, who hasn’t? He is huge and he is mean looking. He’s a classic staple for TIM.

I came across Dimitri Santiago’s work recently and I cannot stop jerking off to him, too! He has that rough look that you know means he is using your hole recklessly with a big smile on his face. I would kill for a chance to smile back at him while I suck his cummy dick after he’s given me a good breeding.

TIM: What do you do in your free time?

Lukas: Like any good bottom I am in the gym a lot – and even more now that I’ve changed my routine and gotten more serious. Otherwise you can find me on the beach doing absolutely nothing and loving it – just soaking up the sun, ass-up. Or I will forever be watching indie movies in the arts district.

Lukas Cipriani Treasure Island Media

TIM:  How did you get involved in the adult industry? What do you enjoy most about it?

Lukas: I went to MAL last year in DC and was just looking to have a good time. Right as I walked in, Antonio Biaggi was at the bottom of the stairs and he gave me a look like he was gonna destroy me. After we had a fantastic 24 hour fuck fest, he asked if I’d worked in the industry. I told him I was really interested in TIM and he said he would pass me along- the rest is history.

I love being able to meet all of these alpha tops and experience what they have to give with their giant cocks. But I have also loved getting a chance to work with the TIM team – they are incredibly professional and realistic. They love to just let the fuckfest happen and have the cameras rolling.

Its my pleasure to know I am giving people something to enjoy either in the background while they go crazy in their bedrooms, or on their main screen as they shoot a big load before they go to bed. Not everybody can have big, cummy over-the-top sex, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it. Maybe they are only having sex with condoms, maybe they are monogamous, who knows? But if they get a chance to watch us and shoot a big load before they go about their lives? It feels good to know I was able to help take them to that fantasy place for a bit – and it feels really good to know that I was able to do so while taking some of the biggest dicks in the country.

Lukas Cipriani Treasure Island media

TIM: What traits you attracted to most in guys?

Lukas: I like a guy who is clearly bigger than me. While I will gladly eat ass, its about as ‘top’ as I typically like to get – except for that once in a blue moon. So I like a guy who looks so much bigger and so much tougher than me that even if I DID eat his ass, it would be because he sat on my face and demanded I do so. I love darker guys, too. Italian or darker in skin tone is the biggest turn on to me. Hairy. Tattoos. Piercings. Older than me. And darker.

I think maybe the hottest men on the planet are Arab men. If only I could find one to fuck my hole on camera sometime?

TIM: Congrats on making into BONER, what’s it like working with Max Sohl?

Lukas: Thanks! Man what a line up! I love being part of this DVD. Max is fucking awesome. Max and his team are all about making sure the bottom has enough time to prepare his whole look for the angry top. It feels very much like being in a bullfighting ring. He calls to make sure everything is ok, and that you have all that you need. He leaves you alone with plenty of time to get ready for the coming storm. When they arrive they are polite and make sure you are comfortable. And then the moment the top knocks on the door, the cameras come on and that angry bull is released. The entire process is a turn on, itself.

Lukas Cipriani Treasure Island Media

I appreciate that he doesn’t work with ‘crazy’ as well. I trust his choice of men to be some of the best in the industry, and he is full of great feedback. He has seen it all, and he knows how to bring out the best in his performers. So when he tells you to do something? You do it. And I can trust that he only works with men smart enough to know why.

TIM: What’s in the pipeline for you in terms of Shooting for TIM?

Lukas: I’ve got a bunch of scenes coming out that I enjoyed filming Columbus Day. I was about to move to the West Coast and we wanted to film what we could before I left. THAT was a good day. And those scenes are all gonna blow your mind. I was working with some of the best.

While I have those scenes coming out, I am also looking to start up out here on the West Coast. And who knows what that might bring. There are a lot of fucking beautiful men out here. And I cannot wait to take one cheek in either hand, bend over, and spread my hole for the alpha TIM tops of California.

Lukas Cipriani Treasure Island Media

  1. Great interview, what a sexy fucker. I’m gonna check out that timfuck scene again and keep my eye out for his other scenes. It’s always hot to get a little background on the studs your jerking off too, and how piggy they are in their lives.

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