DICE is a pig in PDX who has been collecting TIM tattoos for a while now and even took the leap of getting the BAD SEED logo inked permanently on the back of his head. He also has the mark of a TIM #cumdump on his taint like the bottom whore he is. Recently he reached out and asked our permission to be marked with the phrase #PAULMORRISOWNSME right across his sexy chest. How could we say no? Catch DICE in Paul’s latest bareback feature BREEDINGSEASON3 if you want to see this bottom pig in action! If you’re ready for the Marked Man Challenge APPLY HERE! We’ll pay for your tat and send you a box of swag to boot. 

According to DICE “There’s two sides to everything, this side reflects my full on love and respect for Paul. Paul’s a man that know what he wants and what he likes, I respect that majorly. Just as Paul wrote for Breeding season 3: ‘The bottom is special to me. He’s one of the men I own. And he’s one of my favorites, the real deal. When I own a man, it means they’re at the heart of the new world of mansex, they’re on the front lines and they have no limits whatsoever’ he is also special to me, he helps me push my thinking further than what one is use to. Recently I’ve been going to SF an my last trip was scouted to possibly work for another studio, saying my head could be covered with makeup…..that’s not gonna happen. Also been written online for work at other places. This is my point to prove and show, I’m Paul’s no one elses. I’m a TIM only guy. In the video footage from day one when I got my taint tattoo, I stated ‘anything for Paul Morris.'”

DicinPDX Paul Morris Marked Man


Paul Morris Owns Me by Dice

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