What A Man Should Smell Like – MASTER DOMINANT PARFUM

MASTER DOMINANT PARFUM, designed by Matthew Camp exclusively for Paul Morris and TIM, is an erotic and earthy scent with a not-so-subtle leather presence, a sophisticated sense of cedar, and a gritty undertone of man-musk. The potent scent blends with the wearer’s natural scent to create a uniquely dominant and arousing fragrance.

MASTER is my new favorite fragrance, it’s a perfect musky parfum that’s perfect for the huge TIM fan base. I think its gonna sell well. TIM has such a cult following!” Says Matthew Camps “I’m super excited to be working with Paul Morris on this and other designs.”

MASTER is one of several new TIMGear products launched this year, including a new line of sporty and sexy TIMGear jocks and Briefs, and the new custom fragrance also compliments the presence of Matthew Camp’s bestselling 8.5 parfum by Matthew Camp in the online store, which has been a fan favorite since last year. For a complete list of new products, visit http://www.treasureislandmedia.com/cart/New-Gear/.

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  1. Hello, y name is Robert. I am a huge fan of Treasure island media. I am very interested a product that is not available. Your fragrance both Master and Slave are something I’ve always wanted to try. Will there be any more of this particular item available in the near future? I would give my mouth and my hole to try these products out. ☠️️

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