The Nate Chronicles #1 – Bathroom stroking in a shopping mall.


I’ve decided to write about some things that I remember from my formative years that brought out my sexual awakening in a pre-internet, no grindr/growlr/scruff, no Will & Grace, or Modern Family era. When I was growing up the gayest thing on TV was Jim J. Bullock on Hollywood Squares!

I will be doing many blog posts in the future about it and this is my first. Here goes….

I hear all the time from my artistic friends that they get inspired by a photo that they see to write a poem, draw a picture, write a play, etc….Well, I was on Twitter the other day and came across this photo of a public bathroom, albeit dirty one,  and it brought me back to the mid 1990’s as a young fledgling homo in New England and it inspired this weeks blog post.

When I was a horny gay boy coming of age living in the suburbs on Boston I used to go to the local shopping mall and into the public restroom and try to look at the dicks of the guys taking a piss next to me. The bathroom at Sears, and the one in Jordan Marsh were always cruisy.


The one in the food court was the busiest and you had the chance to see more dicks, but since it was so busy doing anything but looking was tough. I always found it so incredibly hot to hear them pissing, and then out of the corner of my eye see them shaking their dicks getting the last few drops of piss off their dick, and then sticking it back in their pants. When it was a hot guy and you could see his entire dick I was in hog heaven!!!

My first paid job was in high school and it was at that very same mall working at CVS. When I worked a full  8 hour day we would get (2) fifteen minute breaks, and (1) 30 minute break. On my 30 minute break more times than not I would go to the bathroom to see if I could see dicks. There was this one guy, probably mid 30’s to early 40’s, and I would always see him in the bathroom as well. One time we were in there alone and I noticed he was stroking his dick. Mind you he wasn’t hot daddy material, and no one would consider him a DILF by any means, but here was this guy stroking his dick and trying to get a glimpse of mine! At that age I was yearning for any type of gay contact, and here it was right in front of me. He had figured out that I worked at CVS and he would always walk by the store making sure that I noticed him so we could go to the bathroom and stroke next to each other. One time I vividly remember him giving me a hand job under the stall and I shot my load all over his hand. I then went back to work and had a big smile on my face knowing what I had just done and none of my co-workers had ANY idea!!!



And don’t even get me started about going to college and the troff urinals at Fenway Park…..

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