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A while back we received an email from a latino pig in Mexico who had an original tattoo request we had yet to hear of; This fucker wanted the MECOS (slang for CUM) logo smack dab above his big fat dick. How could Paul Morris say no to that? So we gave Jared the the blessing to go under the needle and off he went.  If you’re ready for the Marked Man Challenge APPLY HERE! We’ll pay for your tat and send you a box of swag to boot. For everyone else, stay tuned for more Mexican butt-fuckers and cum-addicts in the upcumming MECOS 2. 

In Jared’s own words: “The reason I wanted to become one of Paul’s Marked Men is that I have not been able to shoot a scene for him so far.

When I learnt that I could be part of TIM this way, I had to just do it. I mean, I love tatoos and TIM, why not have them both at once?

It was absolutely painless and, doing it for Paul, it even became pleasurable.”

I am so happy you guys liked it. I’m thrilled to have it and very pleased it came out so well.

Thanks for everything,


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