BJ Takes His Time With Luca’s Perfect Round Ass

BJ and Eli Lewis on TIMSuck

Luca Bondi can’t wait to get BJ Slater’s cock inside him one way or another. He helps himself to a mouthful of that thick slab, opening up his throat as he pushes himself down on it, until the moaning topman pulls him off for a kiss. Fired up for the main event, BJ takes his time with Luca’s perfect round ass, penetrating slowly first with his tongue and then with his throbbin’ boner for a thoroughly and mutually satisfying deep-fuck.

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  1. Hi guys, I came across your site looking for a treasure website…. Long story and not worth boring you with.
    Anyway, was curious (as humans are when they see porn) and kept flicking through your website.

    I was fascinated at first but fascination turned into being disturbed by the content and somehow sad for your models/actors.
    I’m no saint when it comes to sex and I’m not one of those gay moralist fuckwits who likes to judge. That said I could not stop judging you when watching two trailers (that is all I managed to watch). Would be interesting to know how many of your ‘actors’ / ‘models’ are on anti- depressants….

    Have you guys ever considered visiting shrinks? I mean sex is great, even tons of it. You guys make it look sick though and your models look vacant. Can’t stop but feeling sorry for your protagonists and the sadness in your films.
    Anyway wanted to share my views not that you will give a fuck but hey that’s my way to process what I saw.

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