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Lately TIM has been expanding production to the Pacific Northwest with the help of Damon Dogg and Dice and the PDX studs are lining up to get sucked and fucked on film. Abraham, a 35-year-old Portland native who wants it all “… cum, piss, sweat. Barebacking is real sex with real guys.” sat down with us to answer a few questions about why he applied to be a TIM Model and how in Portland the DIY boys make their own slings. Stay tuned for Abraham’s updates on TIMFuck and TIMSuck! If you’re a pig in Seattle, Portland, or in the general vicinity apply HERE.

TIM: You’ve shot a couple scenes with TIM now, what made you get started? What was the audition process like?

Abraham: I was introduced to Dice from a friend that we were supposed to tag team. He asked if I’d be interested in applying with TIM for a scene. I was always interested, just too shy to do it on my own. Thought it sounded great. I answered a few questions and got to play on film. Pretty fun.

TIM: Are you versatile, top, or bottom?

Abraham: I’m versatile though I tend to veer towards being a top. It’s a role I’m comfortable in but I’m ready to expand my comfort zones.

Abraham TIM Model

TIM: Who’s your current porn crush and why? If we could pair you with any TIM Stud who would it be?Abraham: I’m excited to get involved in some of my fantasies with TIM guys. I’m a little too new to porn (watching, also) to have any particular boy stand out to me. I’m stepping into a candy store I didn’t know existed, really.TIM: What do you do in your free time?Abraham: I work out, cook and love frisbee. I spent some time as a wildland firefighter, so I like to play in the woods sometimes. Mostly building dams in rivers; like a kid camping, I guess.

Abraham TIM Stud
TIM: How did you get involved in the adult industry? What do you enjoy most about it?Abraham: Meeting you Dice was my introduction to the adult industry. There are so many avenues I had never thought of. The options (guys, mostly!) are intriguing. It’s a bit overwhelming right now, but I’m down to follow through with comes my way.
Abraham TIM Model

TIM: What traits are you most attracted to in guys?Abraham: I like softness and assertiveness in boys. I like guys comfortable with their bodies enough to let me play with them how I want.TIM: what’s it like working with Damon Dogg & Dice?Abraham: They’re awesome! I couldn’t have imagined being this comfortable with my first scenes if not for them. I hope I get to work with them more. Laid back, cool and sexy men. I want more.

Abraham TIM Model
 TIM: What’s in the pipeline for you in terms of Shooting for TIM or any fantasy scene you’d like to make happen?
Abraham: I’d love to be involved in a group scene. Love a cum hungry bottom that I can be 3rd or 4th in line with. Love to taste a used boy’s ass. I’m horny now. Thanks.TIM: Why did you choose to bareback?Abraham: I can’t imagine barriers between me and the guys I’m with. I want it all: cum, piss, sweat. Barebacking is real sex with real guys.
 TIM: What kind of guys turn you on?
Abraham: I like when a guy gets to the point. Nothing hotter than coming over to someone’s place that’s ready for a load. Ass on request gets me hard. A horny bottom that needs to get fucked all the time is SO HOT! Especially when he shoves my fingers in his ass in the least appropriate places and times. Being ready is sexy.
TIM: What do you enjoy about living in portland?Abraham: I’m a Portland native, born and raised. I’ve lived elsewhere, but Portland isn’t quite as commercial yet. I like the balance of crafts as a profession in this town. It makes for a lot of do-it-yourself boys. A lot of slings are home made 😉
  1. I did it in the sack with Abraham one night. Totally worth it Boys. Much love Abraham and keep up the good content!

  2. I’ll do anything you want me to do sexy man . Please get back to me. I’m recently divorced and def want to work w you , be your whatevr you want me to be. Hit me!?

  3. You are very hot Abraham. If you are looking to work with someone who is also versatile and into tantric massage, and if you are visiting the North West England (I live in Liverpool), let me know.

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