Caption Contest!


Photo caption contest:

Every once in a while, we will post a provocative photo from our archives and ask you, that’s right- YOU, to send us a caption.  We have a free one month membership for our favorite entry.  We will repost the photo with the winning caption and runners up next month.


Rocco Steele & Ben Statham
Rocco Steele & Ben Statham


Deadline: March 17, 2016.  Comment below with your entry.  Must be 250 characters of less!  No rambling, you hear?

  1. “Doing what comes naturally, being true to the animals instincts also known as being a man”

  2. It’s called “Everyone Gets Rocco’ed”
    That includes you. Just push out and sit down
    on that baseball bat.

  3. “You know my name, and here I want you to ride on this hard steel, you will never forget it!”

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