I AM: Aarin Asker

Gogo dancer, event host, traveler, model; Aarin Asker is one inspiring man.

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Aarin Asker

The following interview is part of our “I AM” series.

DICE: So, can you tell me a little about yourself? 

Aarin Asker: Well, I’m too dirty to clean my act up; I’ve got soul, I’ve got class, and I’ve got style with my bad ass — a lot of ass at that! *Grin* I am a Midwestern boy born with a California soul living the dream in SoCal. 


DICE: You recently did some work with TIM; how was that? What was the audition process like?  

AA: Fucking badass… I discovered a lot about myself in regards to my sexual identities, fetishes, and interests through the world of pornography; Treasure Island Media films were some of the most influential in helping the piggy-boy inside come to life.  So, to get to work for not only a globally recognized company, but also a company that assisted in shaping the piggy-boy I have become, was pretty fucking cool.  The audition process was easy given that Dice and I had been chatting on twitter for a bit before the actual interview.  So, it just felt like I was talking to a friend about sex and my life, not to mention Dice is a such a nice guy, easy to chat with and open up to.

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DICE: Was porn something that you were always interested in doing growing up? A lot of people just fall into it.  

AA: Well, at an early age porn helped me figure out who I was, not just the piggy-boy, but the fact that I was gay.  So, to say I was interested would be an understatement, hahaha!  Now, getting into the industry, that came later on in life.  I wouldn’t say I fell into it as I had many friends in the industry and had been approached several times about it; however, when life’s journey brought me to a crossroads to make some major changes, I told myself: Be brave, ride off into the California sunset and fuck it – literally.


DICE: If you could bang any TIM stud, past or present, who would it be and why?

AA: Well, I have been a very lucky Daddy’s Boy because I have already been banged by two of my biggest crushes in the world who have shot with TIM — Rocco Steele & Drew Sebastian.   I mean, who the hell wouldn’t want to be banged by both of them?  I’ve had the biggest boy crushes on both of them since I can remember seeing them the first time; I’m happy to say that I consider them both great friends and this boy would do anything for them. 

Now, someone I haven’t done a scene yet with would be Steven Richards – holy fuck! He’s a hot, dominant, filthy daddy.  The first scene of Viral Loads I must have played a 1,000 times and came twice as many times thinking about him fucking me just like that.  We recently met in Palm Springs & if I hadn’t been working, I would have definitely fulfilled that fantasy – ok ok, I might have gotten close to it even while working, hahaha! A boy can’t help himself sometimes.


DICE: What are some of your hobbies or passions outside of porn? 

AA: Music is everything to me.  So, that’s one reason why you will see my social media profiles tagged my infamous hashtag #shakinthecakes (just in case any readers don’t know, I call my ass “my cakes,” hahaha!).  I am referring to dancing which I absolutely love doing.  I definitely come alive in a unique way when I am in my element dancing and showing off.  I have a lot of humility; however, the confidence bordering on cocky definitely comes out with the right song — but it’s still always playful.  When I dance, the ultimate goal might best be explained by a Missy Elliott lyric: “Freak him, freak her, whatever ya choice, Didn’t come to judge, I came to get ya moist!”  

I am also obsessed with going to concerts.  If need be, I have been known to camp out in front of venues to get front row tickets — VIP is  the only way to go.  I am very passionate about the relationships I have with my close friends; I am still in awe of how I ended up with so many amazing & talented people in my life.  Although it’s an unfortunate cliché, I’m passionate about making a difference and being genuine.  Our individuality & ability to change culture are two gifts of humanity that too many people have lost sight of; I celebrate mine as often as I can.  


DICE: You travel around quite a bit any places you just can’t wait to visit? 

AA: EUROPE! I totally want to spend at least a month — maybe two — and not only film some amazing scenes (hello, European daddies!), but there is so much I want to see and do.  I might need to be careful though; I’m pretty sure I would let some hot, German pig-daddy adopt me — permanently!  

DICE: What turns you on in a man? 

Hyper-masculinity!  I am a Daddy’s boy through and through.  A real filthy masculine Daddy who wants nothing more than a piggy-boy to have of his own is the biggest turn on sexually.  However, make no mistake, you have to be just as sweet as you are filthy to get my attention.


DICE: What’s a major turn-off? 

AA: Confidence is sexy but arrogance is not.  A lot of guys have lost touch with a sense of humility and respect, and it is such a turn off when I encounter a guy whose arrogance is so apparent that he can no longer be attractive to me.  Also, anyone who discriminates or puts other people down is probably the biggest turn-off to me.  I always want to build people up and put positive energy out into the world whenever possible. 


DICE: So, you have a lot of hot tattoos, what is one of your favorite ones?

AA: Yes, you are right I love ink and have so many more planned!  It’s a visual journey of my life.  I have a tattoo on my neck that I just recently got that says “F;ghter” that is definitely my most meaningful tattoo, and then my favorite tattoo is my unicorn-skull & crossbones on my side — as my tattoo artist Bunny said, it’s literally bad-ass unicorn graffiti. 


DICE: You have a great body; do you have any tips for the fans about your workout routines? 

AA: Fuck peer pressure!  A lot of times you have people in your life who might not be as health-conscious or motivated as you are.  They might not be doing it on purpose; however, they often might pressure you to not spend as much time in the gym or splurge on something — so I say fuck that. Instead, offer to bring them into your fitness, “fit pressure” I call it.  Hopefully they will join; if not, keep pumping and do your thing.  Of course, the next obvious thing is diet.  Working out and going to the gym is only 50% of the equation.image3

DICE: What’s in the pipeline for you in terms of shooting for TIM? Any fantasy scene you’d like to make happen?  

AA: Well first of all, I am getting ready to film a couple more scenes for TIM in the coming weeks — so watch for that.  Also, I really want to visit the other TIM locations out of the country and film with some hot, piggy, international men.  I would also love to start doing on-location shoots at some of the major piggy-circuit events here in the US and, hell, around the globe…maybe make a series out of it…*hint hint TIM*


DICE: What do you enjoy about living in San Diego? 

AA: San Diego has always been one of the most beautiful places to me; the ocean, the weather and the tranquility that it brings me are priceless.


DICE: Is there anything you want people to know that I didn’t already ask you? 

AA: Actually, I would just say if there is something you want to ask me or you want to talk to me, I promise I am a super sweet guy — just as sweet as I am dirty, as I like to say.  So, hit me up on social media or if you see me out at an event or what-not, don’t hesitate to say hi!  

(Check out the TIM GEAR on Aarin by clicking on the image!)

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  1. What a sweetie. Aarin shows that playfully aggressive enthusiasm in all his work. Authenticity shines through – yeah i know it still is porn. He sets the standard for the attitude and confidence i want in boy when we fuck. Where can i find his touring schedule? Wooof….

  2. This boy is probably the best model in porn right now!

    He so honestly loves sex, and is actually attracted to soo many of the men he’s shot with, that you can’t help but see how honest and genuine his passion for men and sex is. He’s without a doubt my inspiration as I enter my dirty thirties and can say that I want to live a journey so similar to his that I pretty much want to be his twin brother…

    I really do hope to meet him one day, because he really seems to be one of the sweetest hottest dirty boys around!

  3. He can sleep on my face, er couch, anytime he’s back in San Francisco…open invite!

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